Karzzzz lives upto it’s half of the name..  i.e. zzzz… you got what I meant right? haha The snoring lady on my left was the perfect example… haha

The movie is basically re-make of the old blockbuster Karz. The story is entirely based on the same movie, just few changes around the script.

Okay, here is the story for the ones who are not aware about old Karz but in a remixed manner…

Ravi Varma (Dino Morea) is a rich billionaire and is madly in love with Kamini (Urmila Matondkar), they both get married and are on the way to meet his mother and sister… (who had built “kaali maa ka mandir” for her son..and was waiting for him to inaugurate) but Kamini wanted all of his money, so she plays the trick and kills Ravi in the plane (proves it as an accident) and sells of all of his property to a funny villain named Sir Judah.. (who can’t speak but he uses his Chinese musical touchpad to communicate with his 2 funny sidekicks)

Now, 25 years later… musical sensation, rockstar (he calls himself with that tag) Monty (apna Himesh bhai) arrives.. girls go mad, faint when he sings.. (haha I can understand it… poor girls…).. the audience in the theatre go berserk when he starts singing.. aah… let me get back to the movie..

So, this guy, Monty is not happy with this life.. his step mother and father are too cunning… the guy is missing love of his mom.. he always wishes to have a mother…

The guy goes to some party… he meets one girl there.. Tina (Shweta Kumar) is the name.. everyone in the party asks him to sing but he says, he cannot sing due to contractual obligations… he says.. I will play an instrument.. this leaves smile on my face… everyone in the theatre thanks god for this “contractual obligation” BUT god wanted us to go through the torture.. Tina comes in front of Monty..  and apna Monty suddenly starts singing in his super cool voice… people start going for the drinks.. I shut my ears..

Okay… finally the song gets over.. but god again wanted to test our patience.. girl leaves for Kenya.. the guy doesn’t know what to do… he suddenly finds her photo in a friend’s mobile phone… and guess what? He pens a new song.. Om Hari Om.. and while playing Karz tune on his guitar.. Monty recollects his old memories.. doctor suggests him to take some rest.. his doctor friend suggests him to go to Kenya to find Tina..

On the other hand.. Tina is singing Monty’s song.. her friends asks her to sing few more lines.. but suddenly.. our Monty arrives in the helicopter and continues from there… TIna is impressed and now they both are in love…

Enters.. Princess Kamini… Monty recollects her and to take the revenge back.. he sings couple of songs with her.. (yea, super funny Tan Tan Tan Tandoori nights too) and makes her fall in love with him.. they both decide to get married… but Monty had some other plans..

What other plans? Well.. watch old Karz for that… See, I am not recommending new one.. so don’t blame me..

Oh yea, and our Monty does some matrix stunts too… he jumps around.. kicks few guys.. oh man.. so many other things.. he cries too…

So in short.. without wasting much of your time.. the movie sucked big time.. the direction was bad… Himesh is really giving hopes to all the bad actors in the industry.. Shweta Kumar is too young to become an actress… Urmila should officially retire.. Music.. couple of songs were OK but rest of them were BAD….

I would rate this movie [rating: 1/5] Don’t bother watching it.. unless you want to have fun seeing Himesh crying and dancing..