Himesh Reshammiya in an interview had mentioned that, his previous movie Karzzz was released on a bad day so it bombed at the box office.. so he will make sure that this one releases on the perfect day so with god’s blessings, people will love it.. But sadly, I don’t think god will bother to save him this time..

Haha and also other funny point is, during his last movie, Karzzz, he had also mentioned that, he won’t act in the movie if people don’t accept him in this movie (or the movie bombs) but the Himeshbhai didn’t live upto his promise..

Okay, so coming back to the movie..

The movie is aimed at young / multiplex going audiences… it resolves around RJ Vivan Shah (Himeshbhai), his divorced wife, Pooja (Sonal Sehgal) & his friend, Shanaya (Shenaz Treasurywala). After the divorce, Vivan prefers to remain single but Shanaya falls in love with her.. he is afraid to get into any relationship again because of his past. But at the same time, Pooja falls in love with Vivan again.. (Yes, they are still friends even after the divorce). So now our Himeshbhai is kind of confused in this so called complicated confusion he makes manages to make the whole movie complicated..

The movie is divided into some 13 odd chapters… each chapter of around 10 – 15 minutes with some odd chapter titles with “It’s Complicated” stamped all over… Himesh and company also tried to make the film “cool” by showing Macbooks all over and Facebook and also using the curse words like “a**hole” & “f***” so openly.. but sadly it didn’t work.. and it doesn’t work of your script is weak..

The movie had so many flaws, very poor actors from each and everyone except Sonal Sehgal. Himesh was a big joke, he can’t even deliver the scenes properly, you can’t make it whether he is crying or laughing.. he looks same all the time.. even Dino Morea, Zyed Khan are better than him…  Shenaz Treasurywala should now give up her hopes on the acting front.. she just can’t act.. she is SO fake all the time.. Sonal Sehgal was the only pretty face and a good actor in the movie.. Paresh Rawal was totally wasted in the movie and his role was a BIG joke.. I think he did the role just for the sake of friendship / relationship with the actor or someone in the movie..

On the other parts, I think people should gather in beat up the one who wrote the dialogues in the movie.. even I can write better dialogues.. Some of the funny dialogues:

Shanaya: What’s your relationship status?
Vivan: It’s complicated..

How pathetic is that? Another one…

Vivan:  (Crying)
Shayana: Don’t cry..
Vivan: Us aurat ka kuch bhi mujhe mere paas nahi rakhna, ye aansu bhi usike hai, behnedo unko. Wah himesh Bha

This dialogue was supposed to be a serious one with Himesh crying and all but everyone in the cinema (Around 15 odd people) laughed like crazy and clapped..

And there are countless dialogues like this in the movie..

The only good part in the movie was, the music.. very melodious songs… really loved the songs..

But I guess only songs won’t be able to save this crap..

So, don’t bother wasting money on the movie.. I would rate it [rating:1/5] The 1 star is only for the songs..

On the box office front, I don’t see this movie doing well at all.. but due to low budget, I have heard it has already earned it’s profit by selling satellite rights and the high music sales..