I am not sure what’s wrong with Akshay Kumar these days, he seems to be picking the movies very carefully these days.. No, I am not talking about the good ones..

De Dana Dan is another example of one of those bad picks of Akshay Kumar.. no doubt, the movie had funny scenes but what about the story? and the logic?

Well.. let me give some idea about the story..

A guy working as a servant in love with a rich girl, another guy working as a courier boy also in love with another rich girl.. rich fathers decide to get their daughters married off to some other guys, the poor guys need money, they plan to kidnap a dog of servant’s boss but the plan doesn’t work and things get messier and funnier…

Yes, the story / plot is most pathetic.. totally unrealistic, totally illogical and totally not so funny but there are few scenes which try to save the movie.. and to some extent it works too but again, the poor characterization, poor script and very very bad editing & music messed up the things..  even some of the funny scenes were lifted from other movies..

The story was supposed to revolve around the main plot of kidnapping and getting money but in between this, so many other characters were introduced and you end up thinking, what is the movie about.. is it about kidnapping, is it about poor – rich romance, is it about a fraud guy trying to get his son married to a rich girl or something else..

Yes, I agree that there were many funny scenes but that doesn’t work when the main pillar of the building is weak.. Also, the editing was at its worst.. I noticed many scenes were cut abruptly.. couple of them in the very beginning (Katrina – Akshay & Katrina’s dad slapping scene), they even managed to mess up the climax by showing some kind of mini tsunami in the hotel.. I am sorry but it didn’t work for me.. I found it very boring..

Apart from this, the movie was also stuffed with the very bad & pathetic songs… I was praying all the time saying there shouldn’t be any more songs.. but my prayers went unheard..

On the acting front, actually none of the lead actors got chance to prove themselves.. Akshay Kumar was as usual.. Katrina & Sameera didn’t have anything to do.. Suniel Shetty was finally managed to get rid of this “english” accent.. so +1 for that.. Others actors like Paresh Rawal, Vikram Gokhale, Chanky Pandey were wasted.. Asrani was decent, I was expecting more of him actually.. Rajpal Yadav was not fully utilized.. but I personally found, Jhonny Lever fantastic.. really enjoyed his act, and Tinu Anand was funny to some extent.. But apart from this, rest of the actors didn’t deserve any mention..

So, overall, the movie was a total mess with few very funny moments.. I would rate this movie [rating: 2/5] The 2 stars goes to those funny scenes.. If given a choice, I would wait for the movie to be released on the TV, rather than spending any money on it…

On the box office front, there are chances that the movie might do well, as we have already seen in the past, these kind of movies doing very well at the box office.. so you never know, this one might just work as well..