First of all sorry for keeping away from the blog.. These days my business is keeping me tight with the work so do not get much time to blog or write movie reviews. But I guess it’s matter of few days.. Anyways, without wasting much of time, let me directly move to the storyline.

Synopsis from official website of race:

A gripping, multi star thriller, RACE is the story of two brothers Ranvir Singh [ Saif Ali Khan ] and Rajiv Singh [Akshaye Khanna], who live on the edge of life. Their business is horse racing and their beat the fast track. Winning is their birthright and danger their sport.

Set against the high flying social fabric of modern South Africa RACE about betrayal and greed, intrigue and revenge. Even love comes laced motive with a motive. The stakes are too high. Double them and you have the perfect grounds for perfect murder. What was the game? Who held the ropes? The glamorous model Sonia [Bipasha Basu], whom Ranvir loved or the beautiful secretary Sofia [Katerina Kaif], who loved Ranvir. The sudden appearance of Inspector Robert D’ Costa [Anil KApoor] and his dumb and sexy assistant Mini [Sameera Reddy], depends the plots into a gripping tale of drama at its best. With the brothers pitched against each other who will win? The one who plays to win or the one who plays to defeat?

The first half of the movie is made very well, you don’t get bored or anything as such but the 2nd half was kind of weak, specially the character of RD (Anil Kapoor). The director made him do all stuff that Karamchand used to do. A stupid secretary, eating fruits all the time (Karamchand used to eat carrot) etc.. but this package came with stupid double meaning jokes too. This did not go well with me personally. The director also tried to put gray shades in Katrina’s character in 2nd half which I personally think was a bad choice. Come’ on let her learn the acting lessons properly for the normal characters first. I just hated her in the song Touch me Touch me.. I really didn’t understand why she had to go through all the pain of seducing Saif and all, she doesn’t look good doing that kind of stuff.

Ok, let’s talk about other areas of the movie. Action scenes were handled well, though car race sequence in the end was kind of stupid. Now a day’s PC games have more logical scenes than the one they were showing. Really liked the car blast scene in the first half. Cinematography was pretty good, loved the way South Africa was shown. On the music front, couple of songs were good but sadly those were copied from some Indonesian / South Asian songs. (Pehli Nazar Mein and Zara Zara Touch Me) – Credits goes to

On the acting front, Saif was good, Akshay was better, really liked the way his character was shaping up throughout the movie. Bipasha Basu was in kind of confused state of mind al the time. Katrina was at her worst. Anil Kapoor was not so good. Sameera Reddy should say final good bye to films. Johny Lever’s 5 minute role was very good. I really want to see this guy in more A grade movies.

So, in short the movie belonged to lead actors, Saif and Akshay. (Moreover to Akshay) It is worth watching one, good package of drama and thriller (Yea, with logical ending).

So, it is worth watching once, not necessary to watch it in theatres only though. I give it [rating:3/5].

On the business front, I think it should do well considering no good releases happening next couple of weeks.