It’s almost four in the morning, just finished some work for a client, trying to sleep but for some reason not able to.. few things are just keep on coming right in front of my face. Today’s day was a learning lesson for me. It taught me a new way of life. Though it was pretty sad but I got to know some really close people very well today. The ones who have been with me for past 10 odd years.. the ones who were closest to me.. But I am really about whatever happened today.

There was no fight, there were no arguments but there were some words which reflected the narrow thinking of few people. And those words have really shattered me. But I am pretty much sure that today’s incident has left no marks on them, infact they must not have realized too, they must be happy in their own narrow world.

Today’s incident reminds me of a friend, a very close friend who keeps on telling me “People change along with the time” And I must agree on that point from now on. But I really do not want few of the real close people to change. I just pray they don’t.

I am really thankful to God that today’s incident happened. In the end, every bad thing is a opening door for the good thing which we are yet to see. I totally believe in this and I am sure it happened for good..

I really do not wish to discuss about this with anyone, it’s way too personal.

Tomorrow, a new morning, a good morning with new thinking towards few people.

Love the way life is shaping up. Falling…learning..falling and still learning.. love it..