Micromanagement is one skill you should unlearn before you learn any other skills.

This is what I had posted about 2 weeks ago but the reality is, we all are Micromanagers in some or part of our life.

We tend to micromanage things when we are not confident about the output by the team. It does not necessarily mean that, the team is not good or you are not good at delegating.

Another reason can be, we always look for our clone in managers and expect them to think and deliver just like us. I have gone through this and I was so wrong thinking like that. Life would have been very simple if it was so easy to find our clone. We can just relax and get our clone think like us and run the show. No, the real life does not work like that and it should never work that way too.

The whole purpose of getting different people to work with us is to have different ideas so everyone can grow together and grow the business.

But there will be many instances where you would still want to set things as per your thought process. It had happened to me recently as well. But the way I tell managers is, I will be on the driving seat for sometime but the goal is to take the backseat and let you drive.

This approach works best for me and gives really good results.

Most of the times, I give managers freehand, explore their ideas and processes to get things done. I don’t intervene at all, what matters to me is the result. This approach also gives best out of people, it helps them grow faster as they get to work without restrictions.

Have seen many leaders get into day to day routine of every manager, keep giving them suggestions, ideas. This basically does not let managers grow and they end up underperforming and they will be as good as “Yes-man” for you and many will leave soon too.

So my suggestion to everyone would be to let your managers explore their ideas and give them freehand. They will obviously make mistakes, be there to guide them not manage. They are managers to manage things for the business. You really don’t need to micromanage them.

I will end this post with another quote and wish you good luck with unlearning the micromanagement.

It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.

Steve Jobs