It’s raining heavily, you are getting late.. you call one rickshawalah.. he denies saying  he is not interested.. you ask 2nd one.. he also says the same thing.. ..

I am pretty sure that each and everyone of you must have come across this kind of situation at some point of time . What most of we do here is just shout at the rickshawalah and curse this government for not having any rule to stop these guys behaving badly.

BUT hold on, there is already a rule for this but very few of us know about it. Rickshaw drivers or Taxi drivers CANNOT refuse to ply. They cannot overcharge you. And if they do, you can simply complain traffic police guys.

COMPLAIN!!!! I know, it is pain but only when we do not know how to lodge the complaint.

You can lodge the complaint in following ways:

If the traffic police officer is present at the spot, Inform the traffic police on duty. He will confiscate his license on the spot.

Write to local RTO authorities. (via Snail mail)

Email.. YES.. Email traffic police by filling up the form here or you can email them directly here. Just make sure that you email them in format specified on their online form.

Before lodging the complaint, you must have following information:

– Vehicle number of the rickshaw or taxi

– Date, time and place of the occurrence

– And yea, this will be an add-on – just see if you can remember the face of the guy roughly. This is not mandatory at all but it might be helpful if local traffic police guys call you to recognize the driver’s face. (They did ask me)

Okay, time for some quick questions:

1: Does it work?
Yes, It DOES WORK. But you have to email them on the same day of incident. I had mailed them about 3 incidents. 2 were happened on earlier date and 1 was on same day. I got response with complaint number within a day for latter one and did not get reply for first 2 complaints. out of other 2, I got reply for 1 saying, they have fined the taxi driver and confiscated his license. But I would suggest, it is always better to email them on the same day for quicker response.

2: So what after that? How do we know that if they have taken the action or not?
I was also confused about it till yesterday but a call from local traffic police chowki solved my doubt. I got a call from them today asking me about confirmation of the complaint and they have confiscated his license.

3: How much time does it take for the whole thing?
I had emailed them on 2nd July, I got their reply on 3rd and today on 12th, I got call from local traffic police confirming that they have got the driver’s incense.

Okay, I am ending this lengthy post now. So, from next time, agar kisi ricksha wale ne na bola to (if any rickshaw refuses to ply, then) … don’t forget to note his vehicle number and lodge the complaint on the same day.

Note: This post is mainly for Mumbaikars but I am sure other cities must be having almost same kind of procedures.

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