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I have been toying around with the ideas of rewarding employees in some kind of fair and transparent way. I am not sure if people already use this method or not, I don’t think it’s any kind of rocket science either but it will surely be helpful to everyone here. Specially the HR, management guys and entrepreneurs.

I call this system a “Point Based Reward System”. I have assigned points to various tasks and each employee should achieve certain level of point slab to get the rewards.

Here is the table with break up of the points:

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This must be 3rd or 4th post with the same title… yeah yeah.. I have this bad habit of asking “What’s up?” every other time and this time, like always, I am asking myself again..

So, what’s up Deep? Well, it’s surely a new theme. Got bored of the previous theme, bought this one, customized it a bit and we are online 🙂 In 2009 I had got a new custom design done for the blog but due to my laziness, I ended up staring at those PSDs all the time and now when I look at it, I felt like, “hell with it”, I need something sober.. I think this one fairly does the job.