I know, the title seems to be little clickbaity but that’s the best I could come up with.

So, today I was discussing one of the upcoming huge projects with the engineering managers, we were discussing how this project is going to be game changer for tech and business and how small pieces of puzzle team is working on are coming together.

One thing I told the team, when we have to tackle a big problem, always break it into smaller chunks, figure a way out to work on smaller chunks one at a time and envision a way to gather all the chunks to solve the bigger problem.

So in this case, bigger problem is the big game changer task.

One way to work on this is by putting in everyone’s head that they are working on a huge task where our single mistake will make huge impact to the business, top it up with endless meetings.

Another way is to break the huge task in number of smaller tasks and ask team to focus only on each task rather than thinking about the huge task.

In the first approach, I have noticed, often team members start diverting the focus on the business impact than the actual task, which leads to unnecessary delays, chaos and huge load on multiple teams.

In the 2nd approach, team focuses only on smaller chunks, work in agile fashion and drastically reduces chances of errors & delays as those are caught very early and quickly as the team is working on smaller chunks.

But the main part in the 2nd approach is the magic of seeing all the pieces coming together and taking a shape of something big which you had envisioned. This happens without the team worrying about anything. It’s actually a magical feeling and I have seen teams feeling immensely proud of what they have achieved in no time and without hiccups.

Try and let me know which approach works best for you or there is some other approach which I have not yet tried.

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash