So first of all, I completed a year at MyGlamm. Joined as a CTO and ended up doing lot more than Tech. I actually wanted this and really happy that the company is allowing me to do so.

So the work load piled up like crazy in the past 3 months, more responsibilities, long working hours, too many things to manage. Decided to get someone who can be a helping hand. The new word “Executive Assistant (EA)” came in picture. To be frank, never required anyone to assist me in the past 14 hours but I was never so busy in the past too.

Gave it a try. Hired someone to work with me, bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone managing the calendar, following up with the people etc.. so far, I was happy with my Wunderlist to manage Todos, but this time, an actual person doing it and people started responding quickly too.

Worked well initially but sometimes on random basis, I had to kept reminding the EA too, ended up assisting the EA, during my business travel, I really didn’t know what kind of work can be given to the person. So back of my mind, I kept thinking, do I really need EA? I can just rely on a smart reminder script to remind people or just change the people to whom I have to send repeated reminders.

So in short, EA has become history now. I am still exploring the option whether I should look for a better person or just be happy with my Todo lists. EA helped in few ways but I still feel I need to think of more things to keep the person busy.

Just few random thoughts. Let’s see how things go in future.