Like I always say, life is full of different chapters. We just don’t know how our next chapter  will turn out to be.

Yeah it’s about work this time. I have decided to move on,  it was my last day yesterday with Bitebank Media and B2 Information Systems. Yeah, I never expected it too. But had to make a decision, tough one but I guess, you need to make a firm decision at one point.

It was a joy ride which was extremely rough towards the end but hey, I am not complaining, I was ready for it. Few things worked out the way I had expected and few did not. But I am sure, sooner or later, everyone is going to be happy.

So what next?

Well, I am really excited to start a new chapter tomorrow. I am not going to tell you so soon but Just look around and you will find it and yeah it’s exactly what I wanted. I LOVE challenges and solving problems.

Lastly, so what about Web1? Well, no changes there, it’s my passion and I love to help out people directly so that will keep going. No web development though, just hosting.

Image Credit: Octavian Todirut on unsplash