The Angel

Yes, I have become a father. Father of a baby girl. 23rd February, 2014 was the day.

We were basically expecting the delivery to be around end of Feb anyways. The actual due date was on March 11th but generally the baby is ready after 37th week and can come out anytime after that.

Megha felt some pain on 22nd but everything was normal. Not expecting the delivery on the next day. But on 23rd, around 7 AM, she felt water breaking. We rushed to the hospital, doctors confirmed it and then actual process of “waiting” started.

Finally, the wait ended at 3:45 PM, the doctors took her to the labour room and another round of “waiting” started. Finally we got the good news at 7:53 PM.

I really cannot explain this feeling in words, everyone dancing in joy, tears in eyes. Holding baby in my hand for the first time, her eyes open, trying to look through those tiny eyes, blurred or almost no vision and trying understand what’s happening around..

It took good amount of time to believe that the baby I was holding is actually my daughter.

Brought Megha and Baby home on 28th.. the sleepless nights started the very first day. Trying to understand baby’s sleeping patterns and adjust ourselves with it.

BTW, being a parent isn’t a scary thing. It’s just beautiful feeling. Yeah, raising a kid is not a easy job but who said life is going to be easy?

Ok, I need to rush now, the baby is crying..