2013 passed by very quickly. I was looking at my blog and realized that, in whole year, I posted only twice. First post was in January 2013 about recap of the year 2012 and 2nd one was on 3rd November, on Diwali. But I must say, Twitter has spoilt me. 8,000 odd tweets in a year, Yeah, not many tweets but around 20 a day on an average. Not so bad.

So, like every year, let me rewind the year 2013 and see what was good and bad about it.

Finally started taking more interest in accounts, specially after last year’s mess up by accountants and CA. I am still paying for their mistakes. I guess, it’s going to be the last messy accounting year. Everything should be clean and straight forward from now onwards.

Started taking keen interest in Mutual Funds (still not very keen on stocks) and Bitcoin and Litecoin. Keen interest in Forex too. But I do not spend much time on these things, just keep track to understand how things work.

Bought iPad 4. Nah, did not buy iPhone 5S yet. Wasted money on few useless things which I bought online / offline, impulsive purchases.

Made plans go on a short holiday couple of times, had to cancel both the times. In-fact 2nd time, returned from the half way. So Traveling in 2013 was almost none. Wasted money on flight tickets, wasted few hotel stay / food vouchers.

Personal life is going on pretty smoothly. Dad recovered fully from Cancer so everyone is relieved. One of the best friends moved to Hong Kong permanently, so no more late weekend night movies / coffees. Sad but at the same time, very happy for him too.

Work wise, as mentioned last year, ventured into few interesting things. Node.js, Laravel, Backbone.js, Varnish Cache are some of the names which just popped up while writing this post. Tried to get deeper understanding of MySQL and MongoDB. No coding this year for me at all. It was more about management this year. Was lucky to find right people for the work, decent work process in place. Still long way to go but 2013 was a great achievement for me, work wise.

2014 will be the year of automation and smart work. Let’s hope that the efforts pay off well.

And that’s all from me.

Wish you a very Happy New Year. Like always, hope this year brings happiness, joy and hope in your life.