Hey guys, it’s Diwali.. Happy Diwali. Many things to say but I will stick to Diwali this time. Diwali is one of my favorite festivals. It brings lot of happiness and smiles on everyone’s faces. Brightness all around. No restrictions on diet, you have freedom to eat sweets, chocolates and all kind of oily food. Yeah, for foodie like me, all these things bring happiness.

BTW Diwali is also festival which brings hope, gives a new reason to live and enjoy the life. Smile, Joy and Happiness are another way to believe, there is going to be light ahead of the the dark tunnel. You might be going through financial or personal problems but it’s time to take out the “happiness mask” from your closet, wear it and hope for the best. Because, if you do not hope, you won’t have reason to live, reason to believe in the brighter side of the life.

By this message, I will end this post with lots of wishes to you and your family. Enjoy the festival, burst the firecrackers, eat un-healthy food and bring smiles on everyone’s faces. Just don’t be sad, keep some other time for your sadness.

Diwali Wishes from Deep Ganatra