I really like to rewind things. This helps me to understand the mistakes I have made in the past. It proves to be a great learning experience. Frankly speaking, the mistakes I make never ends and I keep getting hurt due to those mistakes. But I guess, that’s how things work. You make mistake, you learn but yeah, I need to start learning from others’ mistakes, not mine. The time is up. haha

Well, 2012 was not that great. Health wise, dad was in bad shape almost whole year. In fact, he is still in bad shape. Financially, cleared good amount of debt. Ended up taking risk again, lost few lakhs, IT department still undecided about my IT refund. CA messed up with the accounts, got surprise of huge tax liability.

Overall, most of the money was spent in the risk I took + the taxes.

Let’s talk about the good things.

Bought another car (I had bought i20 in Dec 2010) for dad / wife; i10. 27″ Apple Display, iPhone 5.

Work: Shifted main focus to BiteBank (B2). Moved all development work of Web1 to B2 (this was done towards the year end). Web1 manages the hosting accounts and passes on all the development work to B2. Prefer this kind of neat setup so I can manage everything from one place.

One of my very good friends, Ashish saved me from making a big mistake. I will always be very thankful to him for this and everything.

Learnings: Learning wise, the year was pretty good. Apart from learning from the mistakes I made; technology wise, the year was pretty good. Learned CodeIgniter myself (I was running away from it since quite sometime). Managed to build a small but fully optimized app. Frankly speaking, there was nothing much to learn. I just had to put different pieces together and that’s about it. But yeah, loved things like Hooks, Caching, extending core controller, model etc..

2013 is going to be really challenging on every front. Technology wise, the year is going to be really exciting. The thing we are working on is mind blowing. I am just waiting for the day it will go live. I am 100% sure that it will be the best product in the field we are working on. This confidence is based on the way we have planned out the things and the way it’s shaping up.

Working on few other interesting things on Android, iOS, APIs and lot more. I won’t be able to reveal it now but will surely provide details once we go public with these products.

Have few ideas in mind, we might start one of the ideas soon.. I am not sure when but let’s hope to start soon. Don’t want anyone else to start on those ideas.

I am sure 2013 is going to be much better than 2012 on every front.

Like always, Not losing the hope.

Good luck to you guys too.