Quite depressed with the current state of the country. The girl gets raped in a bus, raped by 6 cruel men. The rape did not satisfy them, so they took help of the iron rod to teach girl a lesson.

The female news reporter of Aaj Tak gets taste of Delhi’s eve teasing. That too live on camera.

In some other part of India, a woman was gang-raped by India Reserve Battalion jawans.

There are endless examples like this. But the point here is, why our country is so silent about it? Why we don’t have strict laws to tackle such issues?

Women should feel most secure in the country but we have exact opposite situation here. Why does this happen? This happens because we have too many loose ends. People know how poor our system and law is, they take advantage of it. The case judgement takes years and the punishment given in the end is good for nothing. There are even cases when rapists (of minor girls) have got pardon from the president of India.

People know that, it’s not so difficult slip away from the eyes of the law. And sadly, that’s the worst sign any country’s legal system should have. Basically, it’s like an alarm, asking you to wake up and change the system, don’t let people take advantage of the system.

So, what could be done about this? I think we should have fast track courts with judgment and punishment should be given within specified time.

Obviously, it’s not possible to move all the cases to fast track courts but government should categorize the cases. Set time frame for each category. Increase number of courts, pay more to civil servants and make sure that they do their job well.

Another major improvement we should do on the punishment front. People say that hanging a person is not the solution and what not. This is actually quite true till certain extent but I would suggest, “pain”, “severe pain” is the solution.

Don’t kill the person, don’t hang him but give him / her exact same amount of pain the other person went through. Show their faces on television, tell the world that if you dare to rape anyone or commit crime, you won’t be spared. And Yeah, no need to wrap this warning in good words. Be stern, be rude and create fear.

I don’t have much to say, already depressed due to the events happening around.

Let’s hope to see a better India before we die.