Well.. it’s about the birthday.. No, I have not turned 37 yet lol…

Completed 30 years yesterday and my company Web1 completed 7. Not bad I guess.

This one is going to be a real quick post as I am leaving for Matheran in next few minutes and just realized that I totally forgot to post about my birthday on the blog. Really bad of me, I have started giving high importance to Twitter these days.

Gifts? haha yeah, I love to collect gifts (who hates though).. got truck load of clothes from Sister and Wife. I gifted myself iPhone 4S. Wife gifted me (again) a bottle of really nice perfume, loved it. Sister in law gifted me a cool Swatch watch.

I wanted to gift myself a Apple’s 27″ Thunderbolt Display but the new ones have not arrived in India yet, so I kind of saved money there. But that’s fine. I am gonna buy it soon. Frankly speaking, I have zillions of things in mind, when it comes to spending money on myself but sadly, I don’t have zillions of rupees in my account. I wish I had though haha

So Web1’s birthday.. 7 years.. feels good.. again.. like always, bumpy ride but I am quite happy with it. I can never be satisfied though but happy for sure.

I guess, time to move now.. people waiting for me outside..