So this is gonna be mine 5th What’s up post I guess.. but yea, I kind of like this habit of going to flashback and telling everyone what is happening around me.

Well, to start off with.. we moved to a new office on 13th June. This one is a bigger one.. spacious.. I am not fan of hopping around different places in short span of time but again who hates growing.. so I am not complaining haha

Spent 3 months in the renovation, last few days were really hectic but now things are getting settled.

Oh Yes, my first baby, completed 9 years on the same date too. And with the same layout too. This reminds me that I need to change the site’s design with something really fresh.

And that also reminds me that, the design is already ready but I got stuck with other projects so I am not able to give time to the baby.

Apart from the work, the personal life is going on pretty smoothly, all the elderly people around me have started bugging Megha and Me for the baby.. this cycle never ends, Singles are bugged to get married, married are bugged for the baby, and once the child is born, if it’s girl, then everyone starts bugging for the boy (as if we are baby making machines), once that it over, it’s time to bug for a new house and this cycle never ends.

Thankfully, I am not surrounded by too many buggers.

And no baby planning at this point, may be 2-3 years still.. not yet ready for it.

I think that’s it.. I really do not know what else to say.