So.. you have just started your business and looking for a cool title for yourself and you decide to print your cards with the title CEO or say COO or even CTO.. sounds cool right? Yeah, it sounds cool but how logical is it? Do you actually need an officer level title for a sole proprietorship company? or for that matter even for a partnership firm? (Without any board of directors).

If you show your card with CEO to a corporate guy, he will end up laughing at you, coz he knows what it takes to becomes a CEO or any officer level guy. Calling yourself a CEO, President, Director for a sole proprietorship company is totally wrong. The best suitable title for a proprietor will be “Founder” or “Proprietor”.

I have been running a sole proprietorship company for the past 6 years, I call myself Founder, I am totally cool with that. I am partner in another company, I call myself as Partner for that company and I am Director of Technology in another company so I use that title, but I can’t just sit and make up funny titles myself.

It looks really funny when we use these cool terms without having any knowledge of it. Give yourself the right title and be proud of it, don’t try to copy others just to present yourself as “cool” and new age guy.

One last thing, I have seen many people using too many titles under their profile.. e.g. “Blogger, The Startup Guy,¬†Evangelist, CEO” and what not.. all these guys, please understand, these funny combination of titles is a BIG NO in a practical world. But Yes, you can keep those if you love being in your own imaginary world. Generally we laugh whenever we see anyone with so many titles.

Select the correct appropriate title for yourself, don’t mix zillions of titles just because it sounds cool.

Just my 2 cents.

Image: Question Mark by Marco Bellucci

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