Oh yea, I am wishing myself a belated Happy Birthday. I have a habit of posting something on my birthday (13th October) but I somehow managed to miss this one.. so here comes the belated birthday wishes.

Work makes everyone go mad, No, I am not complaining, in fact, I love to keep myself busy. This birthday was nothing great frankly speaking but then, not all days are great, so this was one of those “not so great” days.

My company, Web1 completed 6 years on 13th October too. Happy with the way it’s shaping up, almost the way I wanted it to grow, still lot more to achieve. Experience of 6 years has taught me a lot. Went through some best and worst times. Learnt from various people and experiences. The learning goes on, it should never end. Once you stop yourself from learning new things, it simply means that you are killing your path to success.

The personal life is going on pretty smoothly too. Wife is not around for the past one week and she is going to be away for another week. For the past couple of days, not in that great shape, minor cold, cough and slight fever.

Lot of things planned up for the future, very less time in hand and yea, need some good flow of Vitamin M too. Just a matter of time I guess.

And yea, this was one of those random posts where I feel like talking to someone and the blog ends up becoming a best friend to talk to.

That’s about it..


Image by Darin Dickison

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