If you are lounge / world music lover from India, you must be aware about the music label called Vale Music. They have been in the market since quite sometime. I had bought few CDs from this label earlier, they generally have very good collection of lounge songs, but what they do is kind of shady, they rename the songs and change the artist names and make a complication album out of it. Take example of this album called Vale’s Nirvana Lounge. If you see the track list there, 3rd song, Punjabi Secrets is actually Punjab by Karunesh, even 4th track, Solid Tune is actually the song Solitude by Karunesh. These are just 2 examples, most of the tracks in their albums are copied like this.

Okay, that’s one part, but they still managed to make a good compilation. I did not bother about the copyright issues much. (As it’s their headache)

Today, while checking some lounge music at Crossword, I found 2 albums pretty cool. First thing I do before buying the album is, I check the packaging date. Since most of the music labels sell old albums so I simply ignore those CDs.

So, their Lounge Session One and Session Two had June 2010 as manufacturing date. I picked up both the albums, paid Rs. 798 (Rs. 399 each), was kind of excited to listen to the music as I am a big fan of Lounge music. (Specially the Asian ones)

The shocking part was after opening the CDs. The 2 CD set of Session One had 2 different CDs with labels Lounge Bar II and Vale’s Nirvana Lounge 2. Okay, this was a shocker, the 2nd shock was when I heard the songs, the recording of the song was of sub-standard. I felt like I was listening to 128kbps quality songs. Very badly recorded.

I decided to Google around a bit to find the release dates of the actual albums. Lounge Bar II was released in 2006 and Vale’s Nirvana Lounge Vol 2 was released in 2003. This is case of open cheating, where music label sells you their old albums with just new packaging. Can you believe, they were selling 4-7 year old albums in 2010 combined with a new packaging and new album name.

So, this was about the Session One. I opened Session Two expecting some recent albums in it. But these buggers packaged older albums in it. The 2 CDs were Lounge Bar (2004) and Lounge Cafe (2006). Again same problem with the sound quality.

So, moral of the story is, they packed their old stock in new box and sold it to me. In other word, it’s clear case of cheating. Yeah,  I know, legally I cannot do anything (and I don’t wish to also) but ethically, it surely is a cheating. How can a person sell old stuff claiming it’s new?

But after this incident, I have decided one thing, I am never going to go near this music label and will try to stay away from other Indian labels (who are into Lounge music). Disgusting experience.

FYI, here are the images of the CDs

vale_music_01 vale_music_02

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