This must be 3rd or 4th post with the same title… yeah yeah.. I have this bad habit of asking “What’s up?” every other time and this time, like always, I am asking myself again..

So, what’s up Deep? Well, it’s surely a new theme. Got bored of the previous theme, bought this one, customized it a bit and we are online šŸ™‚ In 2009 I had got a new custom design done for the blog but due to my laziness, I ended up staring at those PSDs all the time and now when I look at it, I felt like, “hell with it”, I need something sober.. I think this one fairly does the job.

So apart from the theme, what else is going on? I am not sure if I have shared this with everyone here or not, we (me and 2 other friends) bought a hosting company called Expertrio a year back, setup few servers, managed to get everything in shape and things are going on very smoothly out there. Few years back, I had almost stopped Web1’s hosting services because I was not able to dedicate full time to it but now, since we are team of 3 and few staff members, the rail is very much back on the track without putting any load on me.

Apart from this, the most exciting thing happening around me is, BiteBank Websites – I am Technology Director there. It is basically as SaaS based CMS (targeted to Dentists in Canada and US for now) with very user friendly and advanced features. Yea, I am not good at boasting the stuff so I will stop there itself. But I am proud of what I have been doing for the past 1 year. We have started showing the app to various biggies and so far the response has been more than what we had expected. Just love it when your designedĀ architectureĀ is loved by people, it’s a different feeling.

So what about Web1? Well, Web1 is doing pretty good too, but haveĀ minimizedĀ taking projects, I just take selected projects these days. I do not want to be in a situation where I take more projects than and deliver the bad quality stuff, so the quality is on very high importance right now. Happy with the way it’s shaping up. Not too fast, not too slow. Steady and the good part is, I am getting time to explore some ideas of mine.

About the personal life, well, it’s going on pretty smoothly too, have started playing badminton on regular basis but for the past 15 days, I am trying to get back in shape. Managed to mess up my back while playing, now almost on the verge of recovering. And I think I should be able to get back in action in a week max.

I guess that’s about it, I should go to sleep now..


ImageĀ Source: High in the Clouds by aLiTaBlondeGoth