Sorry guys, I couldn’t get online from Bangkok as there was no free wifi there.. but frankly speaking, I did not get time too.. I was roaming around the Bangkok most of the time..

Hmm okay, let me start this with the last day at Pattaya.. i.e. Day 4…

The Day 4 was mostly the day to rest but we had Alcazar show at 6 PM.. we went for the show.. nothing great.. not sure why people get so much excited about it.. some of the dances were very good no doubt.. but nothing impressive..

We left for Bangkok on Day 5, I was having high expectations for the hotel but sadly, the hotel was pretty bad, I am not sure why I did not bother researching about the hotel, I simply booked it, thinking if Amari Orchid pattaya is good then Amari Boulevard should be good too.. So, moral of the story… do a proper research before booking the hotels..

BTS Skytrain at Bangkok The only good part of the hotel was, the area.. 2-3 Indian restaurants at just 2 minutes of walk, BTS Skytrain station just 2 minutes away.. Oh yes.. the public transport.. very important thing about Bangkok.. Bangkok is mostly jammed during the peak hours.. so, get a city map from the hotel or from the airport (Don’t spend money on it, you get it for free) and hunt for the nearest BTS stations.. frankly speaking, firstly, I was very hesitant to use the public transport as I have not had any good experience with the public transport in Mumbai.. but this BTS changed my thinking totally.. it was very convenient and cheap too.. (Tip: If you are planning to travel more than once in a day, you can get daily pass for 120 baht), I think I should stop praising BTS and move on to the other things..

My Day 5, went into relaxing and then going to MBK Center in the evening.. very good place to shop, specially, footwear, leather goods (bags, belts etc..) & clothes.. dirt cheap stuff.. but at the same time very decent quality too.. At the end of the day, we found a very good Indian restaurant called Bukhara near our hotel.. (Just outside BTS station, Naana – E3), great food, very decent pricing.. what more we could have asked..

Safari World at Bangkok Day 6, this one was a good one.. we left at 8.30 AM for Safari world.. I was not so keen to go there but the place was totally opposite of what I had in my mind.. I thought, the place will be good only for the kids and adults will get bored.. but no, I was wrong.. we thoroughly enjoyed there.. fantastic, Orangutan boxing, sea lion and dolphin shows.. we also got ourself clicked with the tiger curb.. so overall, it was fun there..

We left from there at around 3 PM and directly moved to this place called Indra Square, this one is a wholesale market for clothes, accessories, electronics and lot more.. cheap stuff mainly.. the place is full of Indians.. (I did not find many thai people there), I went there just for the sake of it.. the things were very very cheap out there.. t-shirts as low as 40 baht per t-shirt etc.. but it did not impress me at all, I found it more like some Indian wholesale market.. we did not spend much time there..  (Tip: Do no expect anything to be original at these cheaply priced goods)

Bangkok Airport The next day, Day 7.. this was the last day at the Bangkok.. we checked out from our room at 1.30 PM, kept the luggage at the hotel and moved to MBK Center again, as we had to spend time somewhere and we did not want to visit museums and all, bought some stuff from there.. and by 6 PM, left for the airport.. (Our flight was at 1 AM but the travel guy had pickup at 6 PM).. checked in at the airport at 11 PM.. sadly, we had company of Indian crowd with us.. the ones who were travelling by flight for the first time in their life and are used to train travelling.. so they were behaving as if they are in some Indian train with no queue system and cleanliness.. (This require a separate blog post.. will try to post something soon)

So finally, we reached Mumbai at 5 AM in the morning.. as we touched Mumbai airport.. we started getting a different feeling.. the comfort zone was gone.. we started missing Thailand.. the time we spent there.. the polite people.. I will never forget the experience I had there.. this holiday is going to be always special for me…

And this brings an end to the travel diaries of Bangkok and Pattaya.. I hope my experience helps someone in someway.. if you have any kind of questions about these places.. do let me know, I will try my best to help you out..

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