Sorry guys, missed out to post about Day 2 in a separate post, so I am gonna club Day 2 and 3 together here..

As mentioned in my Day 1 post, Day 2 started with visit to Coral Island.. actually, we went for the parasailing first followed by underwater walking. Paid 350 baht per person for the parasailing.. it was worth trying out.. I personally loved it.. and enjoyed it fully.

Parasailing Underwater walking sounded pretty interesting in the first, paid 1200 bath per person for it and 600 baht for the underwater photos and video shoot.. frankly speaking, this one was a big let down for me.. I had high expectations for this underwater walk.. but it turned out to be pretty dull.. they just made us walk around a small area.. we posed for some photos.. checked out some different types of fishes etc.. I would never pay for it again.. so moral of the story here, try it just once.. and also I would suggest, don’t bother paying 600 bath extra for the photo shoot… not worth the amount..

Coral Island After that point, we moved to Coral Island.. amazing place I must say.. but sadly, we got only 1 hour to spend there.. this place had water sports like, speed water bike & banana boat. I couldn’t go for it as we were already tired.. but I would strongly recommend trying out these 2. The beach was very very clean.. the water was blue and clear.. I would suggest, plan accordingly so that you can spend more time here..


We left the place at around 12.30 – 12.45 PM, had lunch (Indian food) at some funny place.. (Lunch was included in the package), we then moved to this placed called Gems Gallery, this one was a marketing attempt by some jewelry company, but it was informative but more than that, their showroom had awesome jewelry.. so, for all those husbands, if you wife loves jewelry, don’t go to this place.. she will fall in love with it and it will leave a big hole in your pocket.. haha But seriously, if you have some cash in hand and don’t mind spending.. buy the stuff from there.. your wife will be the happiest person on the earth..

Apart from jewelry, they had some more items like, show pieces, painting and other Thailand based products for sale.. we bought some show pieces from there.. but while leaving, we found out that, the group we had come with had already left.. (I have no idea how they managed to leave without us..) but the showroom staff was very very friendly and cooperating, they did not let us go and arranged the vehicle for us to drop at the hotel.. (heads up for that…)

And we finally landed at the hotel.. dead tired with no mood to get out of the room.. we ended up ordering some funny pizza.. managed to eat half of it.. we went for a short walk after that.. got back to the room at around 7.30 – 8 PM and went to sleep.. woke up directly in the morning..

It was a nice much needed sleep..

So.. the Day 3..

Elephant show at Noong Nooch Village Had lovely breakfast at the hotel.. followed by a super quick nap and the lunch.. we left for this place called Noong Nooch Village at 1.30 PM (We had paid USD 36 for this to the tour operator – I will list out all the expenses at the end of the trip, so it helps others in planning – ),  the place had very beautiful garden, where we did not get much time to explore.. we then rushed to the shows… 2 shows back to back.. 1st was traditional Thailand culture show – which I did Elephant ride at Noong Nooch Villagenot like much and felt was kind of boring – 2nd one was elephant show, it was far more entertaining.. fantastic show by elephants.. they dance on the songs, they play football, volleyball, ride cycle, give massage to people, paint and what not.. crazy stuff and a must watch.. actually, kids might like the thai traditional show too.. and yeah, make sure you reach before time and get the seats in the front.. if you fail to do that, you might have to run around to get the seats.. (it’s very difficult to get the seats there)

Also, there, you can get yourself clicked by sitting on the elephant or getting wrapped around in his trunk and all.. they charge around 50 – 100 baht for the same.. (this depends upon what you chose). Both the shows are of around 1 hour total..

So, after the show, we returned to the hotel and relaxed.. had dinner at another Indian restaurant called Shahi.. pathetic food.. very oily.. we will try another restaurant tomorrow to see if it’s good or not..

I guess that’s it for the day.. tomorrow will be mostly relaxing day with Alcazar show in the evening..

Oh yes, keep in mind that, when you travel here… the tour operator will definitely push you for the striptease shows or sex shows like Coconut shows etc.. so, go only if you want to.. don’t get into their talks and pay just for the sake of it..

And lastly… if you happen to visit Pattaya with your kids.. make sure you don’t roam around much with them on the streets in the night.. you will find lot of prostitutes around.. and I don’t think you would want your kids to see them..

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