Finally.. I am going on a full fledged holiday after 2 years.. Yeah, I had some small trips in between but this one is, just Megha & Me. So it’s gonna be a special one..

Frankly speaking, I needed a break.. for last almost a year.. the work has taken toll on my life.. and now I need sometime off for myself..

Last year, during this time, I had planned to surprise Megha by taking her to Goa.. I booked flight tickets, hotel etc.. but had to cancel at the end time due to some issues..

So this year, I have made sure that, everything is properly planned..

I am kinda bad guy in giving surprises.. but I think I have managed this one quite well.. No one at my place knows where I am going (Including Megha)…

Currently, I have mixed feelings running around in my mind.. I am not sure what are the reasons.. But at the same time, I am equally excited about seeing reactions of Megha..  (When she gets to know about the actual thing..)

I wanted this holiday totally without phone calls & internet but I guess that might just not be possible.. though, I would love to disconnect from the whole world..  let’s see how I succeed in it..

Okay, I am gonna shut my mouth now.. have to leave in next 3 hours..  will post more details about which place I am going etc.. later..

And touch wood.. hope things turn out well this time..