So it’s a new year again.. 2010, 2009 + 1.. the days are passing by at a lightening speed.. this +1 thingy is coming in between way too quick..  as the new year starts, we start adding the new resolutions in the list.. I have been there and done that.. but sadly, so far, never managed to reach the goal.. so this year onwards, I have decided.. I will stop making resolutions..

So, the big question is, how was 2009 for me?

Well, frankly speaking, it was the worst year for me.. lots of ups and down.. I mean, in all fronts.. but learnt lot of lessons.. got to know new things.. slowly climbing the ladder so I don’t fall again..

Yeah, there were good things too.. moved to new office.. now, I have 15 people in the team.. started working on new SaaS based project, I am really counting on it actually.. I just hope this one works as expected..

But despite of many good things, I am still not satisfied with the way year turned out.. may be this year will be much better than 2009.. I am sure it will be.. I ain’t losing hope so easily..

I guess that’s it..

Love & Peace

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