It started on 261108.. 60 hours of terror, Mumbai turned into a slaughter house with few kids roaming around with the guns in their hand, showering bullets like never before.. The government finally woke up from the sleep, policemen tried to handle the terror but they lost 3 important policemen in it, army, navy and NSG commandos handled the situation and made sure that people are safe.. the terror finally came to an end..

Mumbaikars started protesting.. they flooded Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Inboxes with 26/11 messages.. candles, peace march,  voting campaigns.. what not..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

The politicians, finally started appearing on the TV screens, started giving interviews.. started putting the hoardings, started making the promises.. the government changed the CM, Deputy CM and made sure that strict action will be taken against the terrorist, new defense team will be provided to Mumbai and other important cities..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

At this point, people still have 26/11 in mind, they are still busy with the voting campaigns..

Time for the elections… lowest voter turnout.. people preferred to enjoy the weekend holiday than voting.. the same government is back..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

People forget 26/11.. people are now more busy with Marathi, Bihari.. Maharashtra pride, Shivaji statue, Bombay – Mumbai…

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

Time for the assembly elections.. again, this time too.. lower voter turnout.. the same government is back again.. the party which people hated most has is dancing in joy and proud..

No mention of 26/11 anywhere.. no progress report on steps taken to prevent such terror attacks again.. we are still busy with Marathi and Bihari issue..

Kasab.. enjoys the free food…

The 26/11 anniversary is just around the corner.. people start remembering the terror attacks suddenly.. the media is back in full swing.. political parties are back in action again.. police realize that the faulty bulletproof jacket which Hemant Karkare was wearing, is actually lost.. they lost it when he was being moved to the hospital.. (Very hard to digest though…)

Few companies and news channels have started making mockery of 26/11 by organizing some kind of so called “charity programs”…

And finally today, the first anniversary of 26/11 attacks.. let’s see what we have achieved so far..

  • Mumbai finally has a defense force.. Force One..
  • No one is still sure about the security of Malls and other public places.. it’s still VERY easy to fool them..
  • Our policemen still doesn’t have enough arms and ammunitions
  • Our policemen are still unfit and corrupt
  • Our policemen still can’t control local goons.. forget about the terror attacks..
  • Media is still using the same old line “Spirit of Mumbai"
  • Mumbaikar is still afraid of another 26/11..
  • AND Kasab is still enjoying his free food.. he is still laughing at our judiciary system..


  • The security at malls and public places is still the same…
  • Our policemen are still in the same condition..
  • Media is trying to find new ways to make money.. to get more eyeballs… Spirit of Mumbai is no more helping…
  • Mumbaikar is still the same.. afraid of the attacks, afraid of the politicians.. afraid of the policemen.. afraid of the whole bloody system..
  • But Kasab is still laughing and enjoying his free food..

And the cycle continues..