The time flies SO FAST.. still feeling the last birthday was just few months ago and another birthday popped up.. time flies.. seriously, it flies..

Every birthday or at the new year, I plan to do the things in coming year.. but from this year onwards, I have decided that, I am not going to make any plans.. no wishes.. nothing.. I will let the time pass by as it’s going.. it’s real fun in getting the surprises afterall.. haha

This year’s birthday is going to be bit slow… I wanted my wife, Megha to be around.. but she has gone to London to visit her sister.. so all I could do is, cut the cake infront of her on the video chat.. generally, ever birthday she makes sure that I get surprises but since this time she isn’t around.. I am not expecting any surprises.. but I am happy..

Also, along with my birthday, it’s my company’s birthday too.. it completed 5 years today.. I had few plans for the company site and all.. but again, like always, when I make plans.. I never manage to implement them.. so from now onwards, it will be only action.. and then announcement 🙂

I am signing off now, have lot of things to say, but I will have to log off in few minutes as tomorrow is gonna be a early morning day.. haha

Lots of love,

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