Okay.. Okay.. I know, I have been pretty much away from the movie review scene.. kya karu guys.. time ka thoda lafda hai.. the work has taken toll over me.. so I have to give first priority to it and wrap it up ASAP, so I can give more time to the blog..

So, jumping directly to the review.. After a long time, I could smell some fresh air.. a good movie.. fed up of watching crap movies.. I seriously had no idea why in the world these big banners had to make such crap movies.. the best example of it would be, recently released, What’s your Rashee or Dil Bole Hadippa.. other movies like Daddy Cool, Chintuji etc.. were simply a joke.. though Wanted was pretty decent but it was a typical action movie set for certain type of audience.. (this includes me too haha) and it worked.. worked very well.. But there was a need for a family entertainer.. a clean movie with decent songs & story.. a movie which everyone can watch… and I am glad that Wake Up Sid can certainly fit in this category..

The story of the movie is pretty simple and straightforward.. it can be called as a common plot too but hell with it, the story was presented and narrated very well..  the story is about a guy Sid (Ranbir Kapoor), son of a rich businessman (Anupam Kher), who believes in enjoying the life at the fullest.. doesn’t take the life seriously.. but few things change the way of living and change the guy totally..

Now, from this.. it looks like a typical movie like.. spoilt brat kid becoming highly successful businessman.. but there is nothing like that.. yea, the guy starts earning… but the movie isn’t about this topic.. it’s about the guy Sid, who finally wakes up and understands lot of things.. parents, value of money, love etc..

I really liked the freshness of the movie.. the characters were so natural.. just one of us.. no typical dialogues.. no typical situations.. no rona dhona.. the songs were placed very well.. these days every director stuffs songs in the movie just for the sake of it.. (best example would be the movie, What’s your Rashee) but in this case, very  well placed songs…

On the acting front.. Ranbir Kapoor was impressive.. this guy has a great future.. even Konkona Sen Sharma was pretty impressive.. frankly speaking, when I looked at the posters and trailer for the first time, I thought, these two guys are mismatch.. but I was wrong.. very much logical pairing in the movie.. On the side actors front, Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak were brilliant.. (I really liked the part when there was a major argument between Sid and his parents.. brilliantly shot, shows the emotions and skills of the actors very well). Other actors did their job well.. (Oh yea.. Kashmera Shah was not required at all, such a waste of time she was)

So, overall, the movie was pretty good, intact, I loved it… great music, great acting, perfect direction & editing.. what more do you need from a movie..? I would rate it [rating: 4/5] It’s a must watch..

On the box office front, I think it should do fairly well..