Aah.. it’s been almost a month since my last post.. it was time, when I used to post like crazy but now, the work is keeping me lot lot more busy.. you won’t believe but, I have couple posts saved in my drafts section for almost 2 years.. I never end up finishing them….

The time is flying by very very fast.. I remember, last year on my birthday, I had shown preview design of the new theme and mentioned about, getting the new theme up in couple of months but it’s been a year and I have never been able to get the theme up.. the HTML files are right there in my mailbox but again, no time to make WordPress theme.. but I am not complaining.. I am happy with the way things are shaping up..

So, what’s happening these days?

Well, many things.. I got new office.. so I can fit in everyone 🙂 Now we are 8 and will be around 13 odd guys.. (Oh yea, I am looking for 3-4 PHP Programmers, so do let me know if you know any)

Currently, the renovation work is going on in the new office.. I was hoping that it will be done somewhere in this week but it’s taking forever.. so I have lost the hope of seeing it done in this month.. But I am pretty much excited to show the office to my family aka Web1 Team..

I just hope things go as planned..

On the work front, the work is going on pretty smoothly.. I finally on track of getting “organized”.. the process of getting organized makes few things go haywire in the start but things becomes stable eventually.. so, if you do not want to get in a messy situation, starting making a workflow process and get yourself organized before anything goes haywire..

On the personal front… well.. I have been planning for a holiday since long but I guess, it’s not going to come anytime soon.. for now, life is all about the work and work..

Oh yea, my wife Megha will be travelling to London anytime next week… so I am gonna miss her for quite sometime, as she is gonna stay there for 2 whole months.. and the worst part in this whole process is, her visa application is still not approved, we are waiting for her visa to arrive.. but again for some crazy unknown reasons it’s still under process…  So, fingers crossed and hoping for the best.. 

Oh I guess that’s it…. I don’t think anything else is left to say.. I just hope few things shape up as I have expected.. (generally they don’t haha)


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