Sorry guys, this post is gonna be really short one, I am running outa time here and I am sure there are atleast few people around waiting for my review to be up.. haha So, this one is for them.. (Damn, why the theaters were shut in Mumbai over the weekend)


The movie started very well, the first half was very impressive.. really loved the way characterization was done for both the characters.. (Both characters of Shahid Kapur) even Priyanka Chopra’s character was very well narrated.. perfect humor.. the best part was the loo one liner… (Apna Haath.. ) haha

But somewhere in the 2nd half, I thought they lagged in between and things slowed down.. even I was expecting Charlie (Shahid Kapur) to show some of his action skills but nothing that sort of happened..  but the movie got it’s pace back towards the end.. infact, the ending was fantastic.. just superb..

On the acting front, this one is going to be best movie of Shahid Kapur so far.. I never imagined that he will be able to do such serious roles so brilliantly.. even Priyanka Chopra was very impressive.. other side actors were pretty decent.. everything was perfect except bit slow pace in start of the 2nd half..

But overall.. the movie was pretty decent.. I would rate it [rating:3/5] It’s a must watch.. and oh yea.. these multiplexes have increased their rates by exorbitant amount… (atleast in Mumbai).. so keep some cash in your pocket.. now small pack of popcorn costs Rs. 70..