Socha Na Tha, Ahista Ahista, Jab We Met & Love Aaj Kal.. so what’s common here? haha, not many know but.. the guy Imtiaz Ali, the director is the common man.. he was involved majorly in all these movies.. (As a director in all except Ahista Ahista) and I must say, whenever this guy is around, the movie has to be good.. his movies make me feel that, Yeah, there is someone who believes in a common man story, no hanky panky, no complications.. simple straightforward story told in a way which a common man understands..

Okay, so without praising the guy much, let me jump directly to the story and review..

The story is very very simple.. actually it is quite predictable too.. but then, all the love stories are predictable..

Jay (Saif Ali Khan) & Meera (Deepika Padukone) are crazy guys, they both hang out with each other but they don’t realize that they are in love.. though they are officially carrying on but they just don’t know if it’s love or not.. One fine day.. they decide to break up as Meera was moving out to India for work and Jay was not ready for the long distance relationship. (Basically they didn’t believe in long distance relationship) But they both remained in constant touch, after sometime, they both decide to find their life partners, infact, they both find too.. but now the question is, do they still love each other? Well.. it’s not so difficult to guess the other part of the story but it will be good idea to watch the movie and finding it out 🙂

Now, it’s time for my views..

Actually, it took me 10 – 15 minutes in the start to catch up with the pace of the movie.. it was way too fast for me.. but then I realized, it wasn’t fast.. the fast pace was needed as “how they meet each other” was not so important here.. I really liked the way Jay & Meera were portrayed but for some reason, I found something lacking in the part of Veer & Halreen Harmeet, though their part had many good scenes but somehow it just did not click much compared to Jay & Meera. (May be they tried to do things little bit in hurry there) But apart from that, everything was pretty much in good place. Well directed, well edited.. in short a well crafted movie..

Now time for the quick take on few other things. Dialogues, I think, after a long time, I have seen a movie with meaningful & funny dialogues.. I was actually fed up of those double meaning, crappy dialogues where actors force themselves to make every laugh.. (Kambakht Ishq is the best example), it was pretty natural here.. haha the break up party was pretty new concept LOL

On the acting front, Deepika Padukone rocked.. infact, she was excellent right from her first movie, Om Shanti Om.. I can see this female taking number one spot very soon.. great acting..  Saif Ali Khan was very impressive too..  Oh yea, how can I forget, Rishi Kapoor, he had a very limited role but whatever he did, he did perfectly..

On the music front, I really liked the songs. infact, I loved each and every song.. the dance numbers were, too good… (specially, Chor Bazari & Aahun Aahun)

As mentioned earlier, Direction and Editing were just perfect, just the Veer’s part should have handled in bit better way.. but never mind, it doesn’t affect he whole movie much..

So overall, I really liked the movie and I am pretty much sure that you will also like it.. I would rate it [rating: 3.5/5] and you must watch it in theater.. book your tickets now, there are high chances of not getting the tickets..

On the box office front, I see it passing with flying colors 🙂