I knew it, I knew it, I knew it that it’s gonna be Tashan Part II. But I never knew that after watching the movie, I would feel that Tashan was actually a better movie than Kambakht Ishq. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby announce Kambakht Ishq as this year’s worst movie.. It left Chandni Chowk to China thousands of miles away…

So, let’s quickly move to the story.. Story? haha you must be kidding.. but still, let me try.. A guy and girl, who hate each other very much but eventually they end up falling in love with each other and get married..

Now, to cook up this 1 sentence story, they brought in Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richard, the great Javed Jafri (no I am not serious), Kirron Kher and the producer had some extra money in pocket, so they roped in non actors, Aftab Shivdasani & Amrita Rao too…

So, now what, they had some more extra money.. so they thought we can bring in Annu Maleeeeek (I am sorry about the spelling, he keeps changing it every now and then, I hope that’s the latest spelling) and Annu bhaiya ne de daala super duper music.

Okay now what else? Some funny stupid kissing scenes, some so called “stunts”, some pathetic plot where the lead actress, who happens to be a doctor, leaves her watch in the stomach of the lead actor (while operation) (and then the watch beeps in “om mangalayshloka every hour.. oh damn, what the hell is this..), so the lead actress tries every other possible thing to get the watch back and make sure that the lead actor doesn’t know about it and do not file any case against her.. but this so called “meri ghadi sirf meri hai” process ends up making both fall in love with each other and all that crap..

Each and every scene in the movie is predictable, infact, from the start of the movie, you can easily predict what’s gonna happen in the end..

The actors were forcing themselves to make everyone laugh, they succeeded in couple of scenes too but they failed miserably in other scenes.. Kareena Kapoor thought, her skin show would attract some eyebrows but she forgot, she was supposed to act too.. I have no idea what was Javed Jafri doing in the movie.. same for Kirron Kher.. she is such a good actress..

And why the hell there was need for Sylvester Stallone? Just to make him say Kambakht Ishq in Hindi? Even role of Denise Richard was a big joke..

In short, these guys had pockets full of money, so they decided to cast all good actors and asked them to act their worst.. and even these actors didn’t bother to read the script before signing the movie..

Pathetic, bakwaas movie.. don’t bother watching the movie.. If you really want to waste your time.. watch Tashan instead.. atleast it has some better songs..

Are you still expecting the rating from me? Hell no.. I want my money back first.. PATHETIC MOVIE..