It’s been a long long time since I have been to a theatre and watched a Hindi movie.. Yeah, strike was one of the reasons but frankly speaking, the main reason according to me was, there were no movies worth going for.. But finally the wait is over and this movie might just break the chain of flop movies..

As shown in the promos, the movie has a plot roaming around the shadows of 9/11 attacks happened in New York. 3 very good friends (Omar – Neil Nitin Mukesh, Sam – John Abraham & Maya – Katrina Kaif), Sam & Maya get married and Omar loses touch with both of them as he moves to some other place. But suddenly, the FBI detains Omar claiming that he is part of the terror group. But the purpose of detaining him to find solid evidence against his friend Sam, who according to FBI is heading a terror group. FBI forces Omar to befriends with Sam & Maya and stay with them for sometime, so that they can trace activities of Sam. But Omar does not believe that Sam is a terrorist, he goes on a journey to prove that his friend and himself both are innocent.

Overall, I really liked the movie, the story, it was pretty much strong, for a change the movie did not have any unnecessary songs and unwanted scenes.. perfect direction and editing, except for that “kind of” love making scene between Sam & Maya, it could have been snipped easily, it wasn’t required according to me.

What I liked about the movie was, it tries to shows one of the reasons for some of the guys taking the path of terrorism, it shows how FBI deals with innocent people etc.. But at the same time, I did not find ending of the movie proper, something was lacking, raised few questions.

On the acting front, all the actors did their job pretty well, Katrina Kaif is growing movie by movie.. and on the top of it she looked very cute too.. Really liked the character of Sam i.e. John Abraham.. nicely played.. Neil Nitin Mukesh was pretty impressive.. Irfan Khan was pretty decent, he didn’t have anything much to do, he just played what he was asked for.. nothing exceptional.. nothing to show his actual acting skills..

On the music front.. I don’t think anything was original.. the music was good but nothing original.. it sounded like copied partly from his previous movies and the main song (Hai Junoon) from an Indonesian song. Cinematography was pretty good..

So, overall, the movie was very good, I would rate it [rating:3.5/5] It is definitely worth a watch.. Go for it..

On the box office front, I think it should do fairly well as there are no good movies around.. and this one was pretty good one too..