*** Note: This one is gonna be pretty lengthy one ***

Yes, I am a pro BJP guy, I would always like to see BJP getting elected but at the same time, I don’t believe in following anyone blindly.

To be frank, in this election, I had high hopes for BJP, the way they started their online campaign was showing some good signs.. the good signs of stressing more on the development factor.. but as the day passed, the whole scenario changed and it turned into cat fights..

There were few incidents which I feel were given more importance and blown out of proportion by media and rivals.. e.g. being classic case of Varun Gandhi.. everyone said, his speech was inflammatory (Video), even he was slapped detention order under NSA. At the same time, Sanjay Dutt too gave in inflammatory speech, but no one bothered to care about it.. (I feel this was something not at all fair)

Apart from these issues, the issues like Modi as CM was also blown out of proportion.. Godhra riots ghost was brought back..

BJP tried to fight back with the genuine issues like black money, Afzal Guru and Bofors but I guess, these issues made no impact on anyone. You can read about failure of central government on Hassan Ali case here (Government cent forged document to Swiss bank) and also over the issue of Quattrocchi. Afzal Guru is still enjoying his stay in the jail instead of the hell.

I am not trying to say that Congress is bad but they are certainly not the good ones.. I feel there is some kind of layer which is between a common man and what actually the truth is. BJP is always portrayed as anti-muslim party and Congress is a secular party. But I don’t understand how can a reservation system be secular? There have been many instances where congress tried to play vote bank policy keeping monitories in front. Is it secular? But when BJP tries to talk about development, Godhra and Babri issues are brought back and BJP called anti-muslim party talking about Hindutva all the time. (Where BJP has clarified meaning of Hindutva zillions of times). Congress even went on to doubt the existence of lord Ram but at that time too Congress was secular party.

I am not getting deep into this as I don’t want this post to become more like Congress Vs BJP. But my point here is, don’t just follow any political party blindly, if everyone says Congress as secular party, it certainly does not mean that they are secular. We should not ignore the points I have mentioned (and many more which have happened in the past).

Now, coming back to the point of “What actually went wrong with BJP?”

  • They started well with promoting themselves online, infact they were pretty early at it and they were doing good. But somewhere in between they lost the track, the blog never got updated properly. Basically they should have used online medium to echo their views and clarify on things like Godhra, Kandahar etc.. but they never utilized the online medium. And on the other hand, the young crowd always remained unclear about BJP’s stand and they always considered Congress as a secular party. (As no one clarified the things) 
  • On the rural front, Rahul Gandhi did a fantastic job by reaching out to the people.. in fact I feel, it helped Congress a lot to gain more votes. At the same BJP did nothing as sort and even if they did, they could not tell the people about it. So, it was Rahul Gandhi all over.. (I would call this very very smart politics – I see him as India’s next PM)
  • BJP never promoted young leaders. I know, they must have tried it but to the common people, they never tried. Where as congress sent everyone signals about Young leaders.. Rahul Gandhi, Sachin Pilot, Milind Deora are the best example.
  • Anti Muslim image – I feel it hit BJP the most. Even though Narendra Modi did fantastic job in the development of Gujarat. Just check his interviews, this guy has got the power, he never talks crap but since BJP could not clear it out properly (as mentioned in the point 1), the opposition parties kept hitting them on the same issues. Some funny people even blamed BJP for Mangalore pub incident. BJP ruled Karnataka government took care of the issue and made sure that they (Ram Sene) do not repeat these kind of incidents. Even the Varun Gandhi issue hit them really hard. (I would blame Media and other parties for this), BJP clarified their stand but it did not help. In fact over the Godhra issue too, they have welcomed Supreme Court’s decision of speeding up the investigations.

So, I feel above issues have hit BJP the most. They need to work out on the issues from now itself, change the image of the party. Get more young people.. be more active online.. and keep 100 miles away from getting into dirty politics.

Now, apart from all these things, let me share my views on few things like Godhra, RSS and about everything which is there in my mind.

Godhra – I know, whatever happened in Godhra wasn’t right but if government feels, Modi or BJP government is responsible for this, then they should work on pacing up the things and make sure that everyone gets justice. (I am not talking about the castes here) There are many people out there.. (at least what I see on Twitter and other social networking places) blame Gujarat government for this and call them Anti-Muslim party. I suggest them to put more time in pressurizing the government to act fast. (We have seen zillions of petitions happening around) So we can have clear justice. Do not blame anyone if we do not have the facts right.

RSS – Some silly people call RSS as Indian Mujahedeen or SIMI of Hindus. I mean, it’s like WTF situation for me. On what basis? Do you guys even know anything about RSS? What do they do? What are they into? They don’t support bullshit of religious war or beating up girls.  They are far away from these things. Wikipedia has excellent article on them. RSS.org is their official website. (Check their archives section for their views and resolutions)

The Rest: Since, Congress has come into the power, I expect them to squash terrorist organizations. Do away with the vote bank politics, get rid of quota system, do fair and transparent politics. Focus more and more on the development front, think how Indian can grow. I really like the fact that Congress has got the most seats, so they won’t have to depend on the left or other parties.

So, that’s about it.. I am quite disappointed that BJP could not win but I see the bright future ahead for the BJP, they can learn from their mistakes and come out as party which focuses on the development.