We have seen many Indians trying to woo foreign nationals but this is the first time, I have come across a foreign national owned company trying to woo Indians.. I mean, the concept was kind of good but I personally found it very badly implemented..

This is how the mail goes…


You already know that here in the U.S. we are outsourcing almost everything!  For you to acquire new clients might you consider this possibility?

Alexa, Ranking, and Compete.com all rank xxx as #1 in its category with more than 100,000 absolutely unique start-ups and online & eCommerce Business Owners per month (plus we operate the #1 ranking Web Hosting Directory with more than 300,000 monthly owners/visitors at xxxx)  …and xxxx for SEO interests.   And note that more than 50% of our 300,000 monthly visitors at xxx are in India with 25% in the U.S.

The mail ended with…

Acchi Sehat

  Stay well,

I am not sure what exactly was in their mind while planning out these kind of mailers but I personally find these things pretty funny.. I mean, writing couple of words in Hindi doesn’t make you familiar to India.. get some info on what’s happening around in India.. write those things in the mail, so Indians feel a personalized mail.. and it will make more sense too..

So, the point of this post: If you are planning to start marketing campaign to woo people from other country, make sure you do good amount of home work about that country and then you start sending out the mails..

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