When we see someone crying over losing the pet, we just laugh over the things and pass the comments like “Arre yaar… kutta he to mara hai.. what’s so big deal in that?” (Hey, it’s just a dog, what’s so big deal in it). To be frank, I too used to feel like that couple of years back.. I used to find it very funny…  but today, I realized how actually it feels when you lose your loved ones.. be it any human being or be it any animal.. there is no difference.. it is just that the animals can’t speak our language.. nor we can speak theirs.. but the feelings, emotions always remain same.. infact, I sometimes feel, Dogs have more emotions towards human.. they are actually much better than what we are.. they don’t cheat.. they don’t trick you.. be it any good or bad situation.. they will be around you.. you shout at your dog.. he will sit in the corner but will come back to you with the same feeling and hope…

In many situations, I have noticed high emotions in them.. I have seen, all of us (friends) going out and not talking the dog, the dog just stares at you with the hope that, we will take him.. (the eyes show the emotions), we see him being sad.. but after coming back, once we start playing with him.. he is back to normal.. the same joy in his eyes.. same happiness…

This post is dedicated to one such dog named Coco.. no he wasn’t mine but a friend’s.. 3 month old kid.. he died today early in the morning.. he met with a freak accident yesterday at home, hurt himself on the neck.. started bleeding heavily, it affected the brain and it stopped working.. had to keep him on oxygen.. but he went into the comma.. doctors gave deadline of 36 hours… but he could not survive.. he died within 5-6 hours…

I remember playing with him.. he was a brat.. he could never stand at once place.. in the car, if we all are going somewhere, he will always look to bite our hands or anything comes on his way (Since he was a kid, the “tooth” thing was pretty new for him, so he used to love biting everyone.. haha).. the kid used to make everyone mad at their home.. he had habit of peeing on the floor or on the bed.. even if you take him in the bathroom… he will come out and pee outside.. haha yea.. It was funny.. I know, it’s irritating too.. but that’s how the kids are right? The kid was very nasty too.. friend had 2 dogs.. so the kid used to first finish his food and then used to jump to other dog’s dish and eat from there too..

I have been with the the kid only few times but whatever time I have spent, I got so much attached to him that I can’t stop tears coming out from my eyes.. I have seen the joy in his eyes.. he used to be really happy while playing with us.. he was just a like a couple of month old child.. who doesn’t know anything, who always tries to explore new new things.. breaks whatever comes in his way.. make things dirty and what not.. but you still love him.. coz he is just one of you..

This post is not about being sad over the death of a dog but this post is an attempt to change the perception of a human towards the animals.. they are one of us.. just be with them once.. love them.. and you will get more love in return.. like humans.. they also need love.. they also need to be pampered.. they are like one of us..

Here are couple of pics of him..

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Lots of love.. RIP..

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