I really don’t understand what these police guys are upto.. one way, they claim that they are here to help people but when it comes to helping people.. they indeed add more trouble into it..

Yes, I know they do help people in cases like theft and all but what about minor issues? Instead of solving them, they try to cut short and find the temporary solution…

Examples would be.. e.g. when you are sitting with your girlfriend or anyone in a area which is not so busy.. and it’s night time..

The police guy walks in, check your license and asks you to leave from that area as it’s not “safe”…

I don’t understand, if it’s not safe then why they can’t increase the security… instead nabbing the miscreants, they prefer asking common men to leave the place, so that miscreants don’t trouble common people and a common man doesn’t go to police station to lodge FIR..

This is the solution that they have… (Yea, I had faced this problem couple of years back near Lokhandwala, I am sure many of you must have faced this too)

RTOs (Traffic Police) too are equally responsible in this.. most of them look get “extra” money most of the time..

A year back or so, my sister had parked the car in no parking, they took the car and when we went to collect the car, they started asking for Rs. 1,000 fine.. we actually fought with them as there was no such rule where they can fine us for Rs. 1,000 (rules related to PUC or Car Parking), we made them read their rulebook and had to make them realize that they can’t fool people.. in the end, they charged us what they were supposed to (legally) – around Rs. 400.

2nd incident was today.. infact, an hour back..

The RTO guy stops my car, tell me that I have to take off my car’s film (on the glasses), the reason? There are  many illegal activities going on in the cars with the dark glasses.. I was like WTF.. dude, does it mean, people with cars with transparent glasses won’t get into illegal activities?

They just don’t understand the basics.. they don’t understand that, they have to work harder on catching those 1% of people who are into illegal activities.. not trouble 99% of the people who are not doing anything wrong..

I guess, I will never understand their logic being rules and regulations..

I am sorry but I am really angry at this point so my words might not be right but that’s the fact and we can’t deny it..