*** This post was composed few days back, posting it little bit late ***

So, finally I decided to give myself a break.. though I wanted to go out for 10 days but like always, I could not.. so we (my wife and me) planned out a short trip to Matheran. 3 day trip… will be almost disconnected from the world.. no cell phone network.. no phone calls.. no messages.. and this is the time when I thank these mobile network guys for such a bad network.. it’s kind of fun.. this is what I wanted..

Okay.. so let’s start.. this post is going to be written in many parts.. it’s more like a diary.. I will be posting the stuff as an when the events occur and publish once I reach Mumbai…

Friday, 3rd April 2009 – We leave from home at around 8 AM for Matheran.. I decide to drive.. but as always.. I forget the road.. we take express highway.. miss the Khopoli turn and reach Lonavala LOL.. we realize we are on the wrong track.. haha, asked few people and somehow managed to reach Matheran (Dasturi) by 12.00 PM.. (we should have reached there by 10 AM).. driving through the ghat section between Neral and Matheran was fun..

Landed in the hotel at around 1.15 PM… enjoyed super cool nimbu pani on the way.. (Must have… don’t miss it.. you get it on the way to Matheran (from Dasturi)…)

Room wasn’t so impressive… (we are paying almost Rs. 4200 a night @ Regal Hotel) Had great gujju food..  the best food in Matheran.. we didn’t bother about the room much then.. for us… food is always the first priority.. right Megha? haha

So at around 2 PM, we crashed on the bed.. woke up at around 5 PM.. met sister and her friends at nearby hotel.. went for a walk with them… had some road side stuff.. Kala Khatta gola.. it was nice..

Reached back hotel at around 8.00 PM.. again.. enjoyed the food..

Now, sitting with Megha on this jhula.. live performance of old songs going on in the background.. enjoying.. the climate is pleasant.. it’s not at all cold but not hot too… better than Mumbai.. feeling relaxed…

More tomorrow.. as the day starts.. have planned out for a morning walk and play badminton.. let’s see when we wake up..

Till then cya..

Saturday, 4th April 2009 – The morning walk didn’t happen LOL.. we ended up getting up at 9.30 AM.. had breakfast.. joined friends in the nearby hotel.. played badminton for around 2 hours.. enjoyed it.. though my hands are still paining.. (coz of not warming up and playing like crazy directly)

Oh yes… my server had gone down last night.. I still remember that day.. 2-3 years back.. I was in Essel World.. server had gone down.. no one to take care of it.. was getting calls all the time.. and my whole day was spoilt.. but this time.. nothing like that happened.. Thanks to Ashish 🙂 He took care of the things.. some issues with mysql database and exim.. had to trace out the culprit.. so had to keep the mysql server down for almost 2 hours and enable high resource sites to monitor the resource usage.. found the culprit.. taken care of the issue… all cool now..

Okay.. now back to Matheran….

After the lunch, slept in the noon as usual.. the evening period was good.. we spend around 2 hours in the pool.. it was very relaxing.. we went to the market after that.. had bhutta.. (sweet corn) nice stuff.. the next turn was.. chocolate gola it wasn’t that great..

Spend some time with friends in our hotel.. healthy discussion as we call it.. enjoyed it.. then comes the food..

And now.. we are sitting outside.. some aunties took our favorite place.. 🙁 so we are sitting here in the dark… sister and wife chit chatting.. I am writing this post…

Tomorrow I am not expecting anything different than today.. we might go for horse riding in the morning but not sure.. thinking of staying on Monday too… let’s see.. it’s so refreshing here..

That’s it.. I am done for today..

Sunday, 5th April 2009 – Nothing great today, infact it was kind of boring towards the end, may be because sister and friends left in the late afternoon, so we had no company, the hotel had only 5-6 people left including us.. we ended up watching TV and going to the market to buy some sweets.. The food in the night wasn’t so good.. had to order something in the room… the day ended with repeat telecast of Roadies on MTV…

Monday, 6th April 2009 – The last day at Matheran, we left pretty quickly.. had breakfast and left at around 10 AM. Again, I lost the way haha but managed to get on the right track after asking few people.. enjoyed wada pav at Dutt’s outlet… reached home at around 1.30 PM, left for the office within half an hour.. and since then.. I have been working left and right… haha

Okay.. now back to the present..

Finally got time today to finish this post.. the server had problems in between.. was down for almost 12 hours.. had to get hard disk replaced and all.. now finally, everything is smooth.. though I need to tweak couple of sites.. but all smooth so far..

I have started sleeping early these days.. (today being an exception..haha) get up at around 8.45 AM and reach office around 10 AM… I want to make it to 9.30 AM..

So, that’s it guys.. I am done for today..