I seriously don’t know what’s up.. when I get to sleep, the sun is already on top and when I wake up, it’s starring at me through the window.. haha past few weeks have been pretty rough.. have been sleeping almost in the morning.. (You must have got idea, if you follow me on Twitter). The daily schedule was almost like this:

– Wake up at around 11 AM
– Reach office by around  12.30 PM
– Come back home for food at around 1.30 PM – 2.00 PM
– Go back to the office, return back home at around 8 PM
– Get back to work at around 10.30 PM and along with that watch some funny South Indian, Hindi dubbed movies (Like the one I am watching, the name is Maidaan-E-Jung, if at all you are interested LOL)
– Sleep at around 5 – 6 AM in the morning..

and the same cycle continues for around 3-4 weeks..

Today luckily got some free time in hand, have finished 2 major ongoing projects.. (Which I was personally coding), so kind of free time to post here.. lots of things happening around actually… specially on the business front..

Sometime back, I had mentioned, about my baby is growing but, if you ask me at this point of time, I would say, baby is stressed..not having so good time, baby is confused.. baby has enough toys in hand but not able to fit all in those tiny hands.. baby needs more power.. baby needs more Vitamin M 🙂 But I guess it’s matter of time.. I am gonna sort out the things…. if it’s taking more time than expected.. I will make sure that I make it shorter…

Other than this, on the good news front… we have a new AC haha.. jokes apart.. there are few really good projects in the pipeline but the current ones needs to get out of this sticky bottleneck.. lots of In house projects to be executed.. damn, I have been planning these projects for past 5 years.. the guys whom, I suggested the ideas are making lakhs a month and I am still here, trying to find breathing space.. haha

But like I said earlier, matter of sometime.. I am definitely gonna sort out the things…

On the personal front… hmm… movies?

Apart from Don No. 1, Maidaan-E-Jung, Meri Jung – One  Man Army, Indra – The Tiger – I watched.. Vantage Point (MUST WATCH), Woh 7 Din, Chokher Bali, The Kingdom (A very good movie), The Bucket List (A GRADE STUFF), Kung Fu Panda (SUPERB MOVIE) and few more.. No, I haven’t watched all these in a month.. these are basically compilation of the movies watched in past 2 odd months..

Haven’t got chance to watch movies in theatre.. but I guess, I did not miss much.. (planning to watch Firaaq this week, let’s see)

Oh, let’s talk about something other than movies..

XBOX.. wow my favorite topic.. but sadly, it’s not been used lately.. had purchased Halo Wars but sold it the very next day… (I was lucky to find a buyer), a bad game if you ask me.. but many liked it..

Hmm, what else is left…

Oh yes, I ordered few technology books for myself and for office people… Learning JQuery 1.3, CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development and CakePHP Application Development.. I badly want to improve my JQuery skills and want to learn CodeIgniter… I know the ebooks are available on the net.. but I am actually not the guy who will sit on the computer and read the books, I would rather surf the net all the time.. haha

I guess.. that’s about it.. oh yes.. I badly need a holiday too.. I haven’t gone out for past 8-9 months.. I guess, it should happen in next 3 months.. (I am hoping to settle out things by then…)

Okay, I am done now.. I would get back to my research stuff on the net..


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