Great music, great director, pretty good actors.. and you start expecting a lot from the movie. Specially, when the same director had given a fantastic film like Rang De Basanti. You go for the movie with high hopes but as the story moves ahead, you start realizing that the grapes are sour..200px-Delhi-6

To be frank, I seriously have no idea what was the story about.. till the last 5 minutes, I could not understand the purpose of the movie… was it about life of people in Delhi 6, was it about a grandson bringing his  ailing(?)grandmother to Delhi (from US), so that she can die in peace? or it was about a guy from US falling in love with girl from Delhi 6, or it was about Hindu – Muslims or it was about Kala Bandar (Monkey Man)

I am sorry guys, but this time, I failed to understand the story..actually failed to understand the purpose of whole movie…

The movie was like a bumpy ride, it was smooth for sometime, again became unstable.. we suddenly get lost and it comes back again to the track but again loses track.. and this continues till the end..

The first half started pretty well but few songs were stuffed in without reason.. though the songs were superb but I felt there was no reason for those songs to be added.. (e.g. Arziyan, Dil Gira Dafatan) also, I felt, some of the scenes were badly handled.. e.g. the scene where Roshan’s (Abhishek Bachchan) grandmother (Waheeda Rahman) gets unconscious.. they tried to make serious scene bit funny but it didn’t work for me..

2nd half was pretty much bad.. though there were no flaws as such but I was just waiting for the story to start, I wasn’t expecting Delhi darshan like 1st half, in the 2nd half too there were many silly things happening, actually in some of the scenes you feel like screaming “WTF is happening??”

On the acting front, I felt, there was royal waste of good actors.. Waheeda Rahman was very good, so were Abhishek Bachchan and Sonam Kapoor. But Rishi Kapoor was royally wasted, why he was needed? What did he do? He just appeared for around 10 minutes total? Wasted..

Apart from these actors, few other actors did very well in their small role.. the list includes, Atul Kulkarni as Gobar, Deepak Dobriyal as Mamdu, Vijay Raaz as Inspector Ranvijay Thakur, Cyrus Sahukar as Suresh, Pavan Malhotra as Jai Gopal and Om Puri as Madangopal.

To sum it up, I felt, the director was really confused about the movie, may be he got too deep into the movie and just got lost.. I think the movie needed Aamir Khan.. he could have turned this to another good movie… Aamir is perfectionist… but again, sadly, the role wouldn’t have suited him.. so, there was no other way..

Music was superb.. masterpiece.. A R Rahman knows how to make people dance on song like Genda Phool and Kala Bandar.. he is real genius..

So, overall, the movie wasn’t something which impressed me.. I would rate it [rating: 2.5/5] Really disappointed  with this time..