Well.. after No Smoking, I had almost lost the hopes from Anurag Kashyap movies.. Yeah.. yeah.. I know.. there were few who loved No Smoking and loved his style of film making.. but I was not one of them.. I am a common man, who loves to watch movies and enjoy them..

Okay, so coming back to Dev D, The music was what excited me most.. and 2nd one was Abhay Deol, this guy never acts in crap movies.. (Till now, he hasn’t), so I was kind of sure, if Abhay Deol is in it, the movie has to be something good.. I had basic idea about the plot, i.e. based on Devdas..

And yea, it is actually based on Devdas… it is Devdas but a modern version of it, told in different style.. wicked, weird style.. but at the same time, very interesting too.. I have no idea why, Taran Adarsh was expecting this movie to be faithful to the novel, Devdas. He even tried to compare with other old Devdas movies.. I mean, dude.. grow up.. new generation? Not typical love story movie?

Okay, not going to waste much of the time, the story is very simple.. A guy, in love with his childhood friend but could not get married due to misunderstandings or ego or whatever reasons you may call it.. the guy goes deep into drugs, alcohol and prostitutes.. and there comes our Chanda.. but is he in love with Chanda or still in love with his childhood friend Paro? Well.. no prizes for guessing but still, you have to watch the movie for that.. haha

So, what’s the deal with the movie? It’s a crazy movie with super funny dialogues but at the same time, the movie does not become a comedy movie.. it balances out well between comedy, drama, love and masala..

I remember, when I had gone for Sivaji, people started whistling and cheering for Rajnikanth and this was my 2nd experience after that.. here comes Abhay Deol and few guys from behind started whistling.. I have no idea if they were straights or not.. haha but 2nd shock was the claps for those funny dialogues.. and then people started singing Emotional Atyachar (when it was played).. damn, it was crazy.. this same parade continued till the end.. I mean, come on, you get to hear these kind of things in SRK movies or say Akshay Kumar to some extent but, here, the whole scenario is changed.. nor the movie is big budget.. nor it has big stars.. only one kind of well know guy and that’s it.. but it had rocking music and great masala content.. that’s it… and people got what they wanted..

It was time when, people used to stay away from these kind of movies.. but now, the shows are jam packed.. really impressive..

I guess, I should stop praising the movie and concentrate more on the review..

Okay, back to the review now..

First half of the movie was very well done.. the whole Paro – Dev story was superb.. it explored all the characters very well.. the 2nd half started pretty well, 2nd phase of Dev’s character was explored very well, in many scenes you will feel like “&%#% off dude, get back to your life…” liked the Chanda’s character..

But somewhere in the middle of the 2nd half, I felt, things slowed down a bit (after the accident thing – the ones who have watched the movie will be aware about it –), at this stage, I felt, the movie is being dragged unnecessarily.. but it wasn’t like, you start yawing.. but yea, it was slow..

The movie, had many bizarre things.. I have no idea if these kind of things happen in real or not though.. mostly in 2nd half.. the 3 guys coming on the screen all the time, singing songs, dancing, Chanda applying some funny makeup on Dev etc.. it was very weird but good, different..

On the acting front, Abhay Deol rocked.. no words.. he simply rocked.. Mahi Gill as Paro, was good at her part.. Kalki as Chanda was impressive.. but it is Abhay Deol who steals the show…

Amit Trivedi’s music was very impressive.. (had liked his music in Aamir too), few notable songs include, Emotional Atyachar (Rock version too), Paayaliya, Nayan Tarse, Pardesi & Aankh Micholi.

Anurag Kashyap rocked this time, though 2nd half needed some re-work but I really loved his different style of directing the movie.. this time he did not go too far (like he did in No Smoking).

In short, a very good movie.. though it might not be liked by people in single screens but definitely a worth watch.. I would give it [rating: 3/5]. Go book the tickets.. (I am going for it for the 2nd time on Sunday)