The promos did not impress me much but I was kind of curious to know what could be the story.. the music is still set on repeat on my iPod. So, overall, mixed feelings for the movie.. not sure how it would be even though music was impressive. So, without thinking much, decided to take out sometime and went for the movie.. and I must say, it was worth the time…

Okay, so the story / plot or whatever it’s called.

It’s pretty simple, a guy trying his luck in the movies, a girl trying for 3 years, doing sidekick roles.. hoping to get chance to do a major role. (Her producer friend had promised her) The guy’s luck strikes.. girl remains there.. the guy becomes a changed man.. rest is to watch..

No, it does not have bollywood masala stuff for a change.. so the story is not something what you are currently thinking..

Okay, the review time..

To be frank, I pretty much liked the first half than the 2nd one.. actually, somewhere in the middle of the 2nd part, it started getting boring, it was about to become one of those bollywood movies but the script took a decent turn and did not let it fall into the category of those bollywood movies..

The movie had quite a few “stars” in it.. Hritik Roshan had a larger role compared to others though.. but it was not something which I would remember.. at the same time, Shahrukh Khan had just 2 min role but it was something which everyone will never forget.. this guy makes a difference.. actually he does…. Aamir Khan came in, no voices from the public, same for Hritik and array of other stars… but once Shahrukh Khan came in, I could hear the cheer in the crowd.. don’t know what’s with him.. he makes people go mad… great person & actor…

Okay.. so back to the review..

On the acting front, everyone was perfect.. I really like Rishi Kapoor, he was loud.. but he was good.. infact, pretty good, Juhi Chawla was loud too but she was good at it.. Dimple was decent enough.. Sanjay Kapoor was good, I think this movie can be one of his best movies till now.. (or may be the only best one haha)

Oh damn, I forgot the lead actors.. haha

Farhan Akhtar was pretty good, very promising infact.. perfect.. Konkana Sensharma was good too but she was sad.. (I know, the role demanded it but somehow didn’t click much) The surprise package was Isha Sharvani, I never knew she could act.. she had some very good funny moments in the plate.. and Yea, she looked gorgeous too..

So I guess, all the actors are covered.. direction was pretty good but as mentioned earlier, somewhere in the 2nd half, I found the strings bit loose but doesn’t matter, rest of the movie was handled pretty well..

The music was really good, infact loved all the songs..

So, overall, the movie was very good.. I would rate it [rating:3.5/5] It is surely a paisa vasool movie and worth watching in the theatre.

On the box office front, I guess.. good reviews should help it..