When I had seen this movie’s trailer for the first time, I was wondering, what the hell does the title mean… but Google saved me and I figured out that it means “good bye” in Russian. I really had no idea what is the movie all about but when I saw Vinay Pathak as the main character, I was like.. It has to be good… he is a very fine actor. and I was right.. the movie was indeed very good… I would say, a brilliant attempt..

The plot is pretty simple… a 37 year old guy, who is not so successful with the job  and not happy with the life. One day he gets to know that, he is suffering from stomach cancer. And he decides to live his remaining 3 months the way he wants and fulfill his wishes… So, he makes a todo list of the things he wish to do in next 3 months and wishes to finish them all before he dies…

Very simple story.. Vinay Pathak carries it very brilliantly… I don’t know where was this guy for so many years… film industry needs more actors like him.. even Sarita Joshi as his mother was really good.. small role but impressive..

I personally did not find the movie to be slow but some of the people did find it slow but for me, it was more like an exciting movie, his wishes were weird so I wanted to see how he fulfills his wishes.. there was not magic and all in the movie, everything simple and logical. The movie had few very impressive moments too… specially, when Amar (Vinay Pathak) buys the new car and takes his mother out.. I still can’t forget the expressions of his mother… or when he expresses his feelings to childhood sweetheart.. or Amar singing a song for his mom… Those moments were really emotional and carried out very well by the actors.. 

So, after these praises, I am sure you must have got what I am going to write about the actors.. haha, yeah, they were brilliant.. Vinay Pathak wins the heart… Sarita Joshi was pretty good too, liked Rajat Kapoor in a small role.. rest of the star cast was good.

So, overall, a very good movie, very very different from what we see these days. Worth watching in the theatre and adding in your DVD collection… and with an open heart.. I am gonna give it [rating: 4/5]. Yea, it was a very fine movie..

On the box office front, I think it should work by word of mouth.. should be a slow winner..