There has been discussions going around for quite sometime over Maharashtra and Bihar issue.. infact one of my posts on this issue got really aggressive comments too but the debate does not end here…

Couple of days back. MNS activists attacked railway examination centers / students claiming they were from Bihar and Maharashtra students should be given the first priority… and they claimed that, there were no ads given in the newspaper about the exams..

But reality is quite different.. the ads were already given by the railway authorities.. the ads were given in Marathi dailies Loksatta (Mumbai, Nagpur) , Navbharat Times, Hindustan Times, Indian Express etc.. but for some reason MNS guys thought there were no ads.. so they decided to attack the exam centers..

The point of this topic is not about what MNS did.. but I am trying to bring forward the aftermath of the attacks..

Nothing much happened actually… a student died, many got injured..

The very next day… police arrests Raj Thackeray, before that.. he dares the government.. these are some of his statements:

“Arrest me and be ready to bear the consequences….you will have to regret”

“If Raj is arrested, entire Maharashtra will be set on fire”

And actually this kind of thing happens.. after the arrest police beefed up the security but that too did not help. The goons started attacking everyone around (video).. they burnt few trucks.. damaged few taxes.. they even managed to burn the bus stop..

In short.. as per Raj’s statement.. Maharashtra was set on fire..

Now, this was about Maharashtra.. Bihar was slow on that day but today I got news that a train coach was burnt in Patna.. (apart from the attacks on other properties)

So… now the point is.. MNS guys claim that they love Maharashtrians and they are fighting to protect every Maharashtrian.. Agreed… but what happened to them while attacking the locals? The trucks… the taxis.. rickshaws.. even the bus stop… so, were they used by only north Indians? None of the Maharashtrians were using it?

Or what was the logic behind torching a train coach in Patna… none of the north Indians were using it?

The common man is suffering in this politics..these politicians brainwash young guys and uneducated guys on the name of Maharashtra and Bihar…

Apart from all these issues.. the main question still remains answered.. what will railway authority do if Maharashtrian students do not apply for the exams? (The ads were already given in the local papers)

The government should simply ban the parties conducting violence and police should use third degree torture for these guys so that this kind of incidents does not repeat.

Wake up Maharashtra.. Wake up India