Let me start with Ahshaan Qureshi type PJ…

Dekhne gaya tha mein.. Drona..
Dekhne gaya tha mein.. Drona..
Par.. dekhte dekhte.. meri aankhon mein aa gaya Rona..

Now, you can imagine, how pathetic it was.. (haha, no, that “Rona” was not emotional lol)

So, let’s move on to the story..

Nothing great in the story but actually, in these kind of movies, the screenplay plays the major role. But unfortunately, this movie lacked it badly.

The story is about a normal guy Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan) who does not know that he has superpowers and a magician named Raz Raizada (Kay Kay Menon) is behind him to get Amrut so that he can never die and destroy the world.

But, now there are few people who wants to protect Aditya.. (they call him by funny name Adisa)… here enters.. Sonia (Priyanka Chopra) (I got to know about her name in the 2nd half) who enters in the action sequence with a typical “babuji” dialogue.. and in the never next scene.. she is found dancing on a funny song called “Oop Cha”… I mean.. stick to one thing guys.. in one scene.. they are showing her as typical girl.. and in the very next scene.. she is dancing on a funny English / Hindi song.. hmm does not fit in my head..

Okay… so now, our Adisa gets introduced to his so called protectors.. combination of few firangs (who speak super funny Hindi – in serious mode) and Indians..

The fight between Team Adisa and Team Raizada starts.. and in between this, Adisa realizes that he actually has some superpowers..

Okay.. they manage to win over Team Raizada this time.. Adisa and Sonia fly to India.. where, his real mom is waiting..

Maa bete ka milan.. but Team Raizada is back.. Magician Raizada turns Adisa’s mother into a stone.. hmm actually a statue.. statue with real tears in the eyes..

So, what will happen next? Will Raizada get Amrit from Aditya aka Adisa aka Drona?  Go watch it…Err… no don’t bother watching it.. just imagine it.. haha

So, what exactly was wrong with the movie?

To be frank, I personally liked concept of the movie.. it was pretty different from what we have been watching.. but the way they had shown things were really bad..

In these kind of movies, people expect more of action than the storytelling…. but here, the movie kept on getting dragged throughout the whole first half and the same trend continued in the 2nd half..

There was absolutely no need for the songs, the songs could have been played in the background..

Also, many of the scenes were plain awful.. e.g. the scene where Aditya meets his mother.. too bad colors.. they tried to play with the colors.. made few things lot more brighter than they should be… too much of yellow and red.. it looked to artificial.. even the “mom turning into a statue” scene was pathetic..  I do not want to get into more details but the count does not end here..

Apart from the bad scenes.. the sets were too artificial too.. they showed some funny place called Raaz Nagar or something.. it was simply pathetic.. orange, yellow, red, pink colors.. damn… were they planning to make the rainbow on the earth?

The GFX effects were PATHETIC.. the blood drops had metallic red color.. the effects in ending scene were really really bad.. even cartoons have better effects these days..

So, without wasting much of the time.. in simple words.. the movie was slow, boring and pathetic..

Bad acting, bad music, bad animation, bad screenplay.. worst movie.. Don’t bother watching it..

I would give it [rating: 1/5]

On the box office front.. I do not see it as doing any good business.. it might get some business in the first week.. but 2nd week is going to be a bad one for them..