No, I am not talking about any person.. but this time, it is about the government of India.. and state governments..

I have been seeing that, government is always on look around for quick fixes for the things rather than the actual solutions..

Let’s talk about terrorism.. We had strict laws like TADA earlier but TADA was discontinued because it was being misused and it was too harsh. POTA too was misused in many places.. in UP even 12 year kid was put behind the bars under POTA. Government is not approving rules like MCOCA in any other states.. (Read Gujarat).. just because they are being misused..

Because of this silly reason, they are indirectly saying that, we won’t punish terrorists..

Its a common sense that, any rule can be misused and it does not mean that you need to cut off that rule.. they should simply work out on how it is happening and punish the guys who are doing it.. 

But due to this dirty politics, nothing is happening and terrorists are getting encouraged to attack more places in India.. Every Afzal is still enjoying the food in the jail…

Okay, let’s not talk about terrorism.. let’s talk about general things..

Recently, there was some ho-ha about the traffic in Mumbai.. and if I am not wrong.. they were going to pass some funny rule of driving certain number of cars on certain days..

They call this as a solution to bear the traffic.. but why can’t they even try to find the reason behind these jammed roads? Is it only because there are many cars?

NO, the infrastructure is bad. Currently I am on my way to Mulund from Matunga. There roads were badly jammed near Sion bridge and Chembur..

The reason?

1. People do not care about the traffic rules.. heavy slow vehicles drive in the middle of the road, blocking the way for other vehicles. No one cares about lane discipline.

2. The roads are in bad condition. Near Chembur, the reason for the badly jammed traffic was just the LARGE potholes in the middle of the road.. the whole road was clear but because of the bad road.. the vehicles were taking more time than expected and slowing down everyone..

So, do you think? Above given stupid suggestion is the way out?

Fix up the roads, build bridges… instead of entertaining such stupid suggestions..

We seriously need some sensible leader.. all these babus need good amount of rest at home..