I had mentioned this in many of my earlier posts and mentioning the same again this time too.. I am just fedup the way things are turning up. Political parties are screwing the common man from left and right.. the ruling government and police are doing nothing.. all we can hear is.. some head guy saying “No one can take law in their hand, we will take strict action against them” But nothing happens, these parties are already taking law in their hand but the police is like mute spectator.

A common man is suffering in this…. there is no security from these political goons.. what is tomorrow one of these guys think of implementing a funny rule and forcing people? What will happen? NOTHING..

But who is responsible for this? Apart from the police and ruling party.. Media played a bigger role in this.. they love to create issues from small things.

Day before yesterday, I was watching some Hindi news channel, it was showing Drona’s music release where Jaya Bachchan jokingly said (Video) that she will speak in Hindi as she is from UP.. Now, these channels were flashing the same thing 100 times and making it a big issue.. they showed things like “Ab kya hoga Raj Thackeray ka jawaab” (What will be reaction of MNS chief Raj Thackeray)

And the very next day, MNS chief puts a large hoarding on Bandra linking road showing ticket to Allahbad printed on it.. it said.. “The Marathi are never going to forgive you, and Shivaji Maharaja’s Maharashta is not going to forgive you either”  (Read more about it here)

And, then he decides to call a press conference and warn people about Jaya Bachchan’s statement. He uses harsh words like “The Guddi actress (She had acted in that movie)  has become old but still she hasn’t matured enough” (It was very harsh in Marathi.)

And the guy, without any fear “announces” BAN on Bachchan family movies.. also warns theatre owners about it… “Let us see who shows these films..” and he even makes fun of the gag order police issued against holding press conferences and public meetings..  “It seems that the government has extra stationary — they keep on issuing me notices. Let them issue notices, I will keep on expressing my views whenever I feel like” (Read More)

Now, these guys demand public apology for what she said.. I am 100% sure that a common man is not even bothered about it.. they are smart enough to differentiate between joke and serious statements..

So, Jaya Bachchan finally apologizes for no reason..  haha but now MNS says.. this kind of apology is not enough…. (This was being aired on news channels)

Okay, so this was about MNS..

Now, why should Maharashtra’s own party Shiv Sena stay behind.. they aimed at Shah Rukh Khan today..

Here is what sena Chief Bal Thackeray said.. “Shah Rukh says he is a Dilliwala. If you are from Delhi, then why have you come to Maharashtra”

“In southern states, the anti-Hindi campaign has been on for the last sixty years. There is a ban on Hindi films and Hindi news in Tamil Nadu. In Assam, those speaking in Hindi are killed,” it said. “Why don’t the people who boast here that they are from UP or Bihar go to these areas and unfurl the Hindi banner” (Read More)

I am not sure what he is trying to say here.. does he mean to say that, if others are doing stupidity, we should also do it?.. just for the sake of religion?

I don’t understand why these guys are fighting so much over Maharashtra or Maharashtrian language? Are they themselves Marathi? NO..

Their children are studying in ENGLISH medium school Bombay Scottish, their grand son is making HINDI music album.. they have their sites in ENGLISH (or partially in English), so on what basis they are saying that they are Maharashtrians?

They want people to speak in Marathi, they want Bombay names to be changed to Mumbai but they do not want to admin their children in Marathi school, they do not want their Children to cut a Marathi album..

Why they understand that Religion should be kept at home.. I am Gujarati, you might belong to some other cast but when we are on the street, we are INDIANS not Maharashtrian or Gujarati or any other cast..

Doing cheap things like this is not going to lead us anywhere, it will divide Maharashtra..

Politics has reached at such a bad level that these politicians do not care about anything.. all they want is vote bank.. they don’t care how much it harms the common man or the country…

Shiv Sena Website – (Mostly in Marathi but partially in English too)

MNS Vidyarthi Sena Website – (Totally in English.. earlier this site was used as MNS’s main website)

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