HAHA another iPhone bashing post? LOL.. No, this is gonna simply outline features which will be useful for the normal users and will outline why you should buy iPhone and why you should not buy iPhone.. so, in short.. I am leaving you guys to decide what to do..

So, let’s cut the crap and start off with the stuff..

Why you should not buy an iPhone?

  1. Way way too costly.. Rs. 31,000 is what official price from Vodafone..Read the info on their page here. So this makes more than 3 times of the original price.. (USD 199)
  2. No 3G – atleast for now.. I have heard that it’s gonna be out on Vodafone in December and all but nothing confirmed. And even after it is out, I am pretty much sure that, their data plan are gonna suck.. plans will be way too costly.
  3. No copy paste – Yes, till now no official support for copy / paste. I personally use copy / paste thing a lot on my SE W810i, useful in many things.
  4. No Bluetooth file transfer – Yups, you cannot transfer files via Bluetooth.
  5. You cannot use it as Modem.. Yea.. Yea.. I know you can install some Apps and get it working but I am not sure whether it will break the warranty or not. And no normal user is gonna go through that pain of doing all those things.

I guess, these are the MAJOR disadvantages that a normal user. I know there are things like MMS and all but I guess… not many people care about it.

So, why you should buy an iPhone?

  1. It’s SEXY.. no one can beat the looks of iPhone.. I mean come on guys… HTC Touch Diamond too can’t beat that sleek look.
  2. Fast and less buggy compared to other phones in the market. (Compare with touch screen phones only) Currently, there is HTC Touch Diamond in the market.. but I have not heard so good reviews about it.
  3. Usability – No one can simply beat it.. try the browsing…. try composing any message.. you will forget using anything else. The picture zoom and web page is superb.
  4. Apps – I am 100% sure that no one can beat this App Store thing. (Which Apple introduced with version 2 of their software.) So many innovative apps, so many games.. I have never seen this kind of thing with any phone. There is a sexy iLightr, FlashLight and many other things. It’s simply fantastic.

I think that’s it.. I am not gonna make this post more lengthier with more pros and cons but covering the important one does the job.

So, in short.. if you do not have any problems with the hefty cost of the phone, then just go for it.. you are surely not gonna regret this beauty. Or simply you can wait for sometime, the rates should reduce soon.

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