Okay, OK, I was wrong.. I was wrong to expect anything from Yashraj movie. I was wrong to have some kind of hope in this movie. But yaar, it wasn’t that bad too. Too confusing? Hell, yeah.. it is.. 

So, let’s cut the crap and move to above things in the review part..

Well, the story is pretty simple.. A young guy, who falls in love with 3 ladies at different time.. 1st, when he was in HSC.. (1996), 2nd when he started working with a company in Mumbai (2002) and 3rd.. when he moved to Australia..

So, what’s the story in it? haha, The guy breaks heart of first 2 girls so badly and he never realizes it.. but now, 3rd one breaks his heart and then.. he realizes how it feels.. he feels the pain..

So what will he do now? haha… Do I need to say it? Go figure out…. (It’s not so difficult to predict the whole story)

Okay, review time..

The movie started with a guy going back to his flashback.. and taking us to Switzerland where he had fallen in love for the first time (with Minnisha Lamba).. these guys tried to show us that it was actually 1996..but somehow I felt, the actors looked lot more older than those 18 year olds.. they tried to act cute and all… but to be frank it did not work with me..

2nd story was in 2002, with Bipasha Basu.. the guy was shown working for Microsoft’s gaming section.. (I don’t know how they managed to get Gears of Wars poster in 2002 though) Okay, now here.. the guy looked younger and Bipasha looked older.. it was kind of mismatch.. but here, there were few comedy scenes and the performance was much real.. specially Bipasha’s.

Now, year 2007.. the guy is in Sydney.. meets Deepika Padukone.. there was some kind of spark between Ranbir and Deepika this time.. may be they are real life couples so they can do things better? I don’t know all that but their chemistry worked well.. I really liked Deepika’s acting, her character was very different from other girls..

Okay.. now, the movie was quite ok in the first half but as it reached interval… the whole movie became very predictable and it turned into one of those common movies that we had seen in late 90s or whatever..

So, all mixed things..? hmm.. there were few great things in the movie too. The music.. great music.. really loved the songs.. cinematography was SUPERB.. really loved Switzerland, Australia and Italy.. fantastic stuff..

So to sum the things up.. on the acting front, Ranbir was pretty good.. though he was kind of over the board in first story but overall.. good acting. Minnisha again, she went overboard like Ranbir in first story but later it was all good.. Bipasha.. despite of looking bit older in front of Ranbir.. she was the best of the lot.. I really loved her acting.. Deepika was good..actually, she did not have much to do.. I think Bipasha got the best role..

The movie could have been made much better, in terms of execution, story etc.. basically, the concept of 1 guy falling in love with 3 girls was great but the way it was turned out was bad. They could have made it thorough romantic comedy movie rather than adding some drama and all. But again, that’s their call.. from the viewer’s point of view, I feel, the movie needed better execution and modification in the story.

So, overall, the movie should do better business than Salman Khan starrer God Tussi Great Ho.. (As we don’t see any promotions or hype for that movie) Few people might like the movie and few might not. It should get mixed reactions.

I would give this movie [rating: 2.5/5]

Watch it on weekends.. you might like it..